Crash Character Profile: Anthony Thesis

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Crash Character Profile: Anthony

One of the most deeply ironic scenes in the film Crash depicts two African-American characters eloquently dissecting and condemning the way African-Americans are portrayed as violent hooligans by the American media -- right before they carjack an SUV. The scene reveals these characters, especially the more vociferous of the two, named Anthony, as unconscious or conscious perpetrators of the stereotypes they condemn. Their victims, a white, liberal District Attorney and his wife are emotionally shell-shocked as a result of the attack and they realize that their own perceptions of themselves as racially tolerant are quite fragile. The DA, deep in a reelection campaign, is uncertain as to whether he will alienate the African-American vote if he reveals the incident, and his nervous wife verbally berates her Latina maid to vent her hidden anger at the world.

Anthony is shown to be victim of racist stereotypes as well as a perpetuator: his poverty and the lack of avenues he has to demonstrate his intelligence and eloquence are the result of a long history of American racism. The irony is that because of American racism, Anthony perpetuates racist ideals through his violent and illegal actions His actions result in entrenching the negative racial stereotypes held by the white individuals in the film. He can find no outlet for his wants, needs, and desires, other than those provided by negative images of his culture.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Thesis on Crash Character Profile: Anthony One of the Assignment

Anthony sees America as hypocritical, regarding race. It presents images of violent black young men, yet offers black men no positive ways to use their energies. True, Crash also shows a successful black TV director and police chief. Other roles in society exist but Anthony cannot see them. The film suggests that one reason that Anthony cannot envision other ways of making his living is because of how these alternative voices are muzzled. The TV director is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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