Create a Network That Houses Storage File Services Case Study

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¶ … network that houses the storage file server(s) keeping all files related to contract transactions between all divisions and their clients. Your task is to design only this segment of the network. Do not worry about the rest of the network and do not worry about database and web servers. You will not be using them in your designed solution. The main file storage server must reside with the headquarters. I would use a directory-based network where all components of the network are considered as objects. These include servers, workstations, peripherals, users, files, and so forth. The Network objects are stored in a directory that is replicated to the directory servers / domain controllers so as to protect for both performance control and for redundancy. This also protects against network failure.

The workstation will be bale to run different types of client information concurrently so that it can carry large loads.

I will use disk servers -- unusual on LANs to serve as backup for reliability, speed, and capacity. The server or directory security will provide access to the disk server

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Network servers will act as a sort of file server. These manage requests by different users on a file-by-file basis. The files do not cross concurrently, but sometimes many users can simultaneously access the same file. Actually, this is no problem to set up for most current networks allow any server to act as this file server. I would prefer -- as you will see later -- a database server instead of the traditional central file server. But the network file servers can back up user files in the eventuality of disk trouble and the users can easily share and transfer files. This would be a valuable option to have and something that I would incorporate in my network.,

TOPIC: Case Study on Create a Network That Houses Storage File Services Assignment

The Network Operating System (NOS) manages file security. The directory and file level specifies the files to which users are permitted access and the level of access that they can have to these files. Windows 2000, Linux, and UNIX, Novell NetWare, Windows NT and IBM's AIX are all examples of NOS. Aside from network security, NOS also provides other functions such as authorizing new users and network trouble shooting.

I would have a NOS that would provide direct support for disk fault tolerance . It would have disk mirroring, disk duplexing, and a software implementation of the Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) 5 standard. Disk mirroring provides automatic backup control, therefore users will not notice if one hard disk fails.

The Raid 5 system is particularly good since it uses three or more hard disks spreading the data across the disks. Parity information is simultaneously interspersed with the data so if any of the disk drives fail, disk errors are detected and corrected.

I would configure the LAN with a database server that would provide systems processing such as searching and sorting databases. This is more powerful than a file server since it also provides:

Less traffic

Enhanced security when locking fails speedier response time.

There are problems here in that the database server allows multiple users with access to the same file concurrently causing backup and lack of availability. This may be worked with.

I would also have to work with the security benefit of the database which needs intense scrutiny.

To create more speed and better load capacity, I may include an application server. This supports the application system and is specifically designed to meet the organization's needs. They can share the processing load between servers and computers and create a more fully distributed computing environment.

Since I would like to configure the whole with enhanced capacity for bandwidth, I would devise a LAN that would work with hubs… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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