Creating ATV Show Term Paper

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Creating TV Show

The soggy croissants


Scene 1:

Jerry and Elaine are sitting in the restaurant talking about the soggy croissants they'd had for breakfast that morning.

Elaine: I am telling you Jerry, the guy at the coffee shop must have dropped them on something before he gave us those soggy croissants. (makes a face indicating her disappointment)

Jerry: you mean instead of getting us some fresh new croissants, he would just pick up those croissants from wherever he dropped them and bring them to us.

Elaine: Yeah

Jerry: and where do you suppose he had dropped them.

Elaine: could be the kitchen sink, the floor, anywhere (shrugs)

Jerry: It's impossible. They can't just bring us croissants that have been licked by the sink or the floor. We pay for fresh dry croissants.

Elaine: We pay for croissants Jerry. We never mention fresh or dry.

Jerry: But that's understood. Or should we sign a bond, an affidavit, or some kind of agreement before placing an order specifying exactly what we need, in what shape, size or level of dryness. (an expression of disbelief on his face)

Elaine: that's a good idea. A very good idea. (nods in approval)

Scene 2:

Kramer is sleeping on Jerry's couch in his living room. Jerry walks in and stops when he sees Kramer loudly snoring in his living room. He checks his watch. Its 11:30 AM. He wonders why Kramer is still asleep.

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Jerry: Kramer. (tries to wake him up by tapping his arm)

Kramer: waa waaa what happened (wakes up jerkily and wonders where he is)

Jerry: why were you still sleeping. Its 11:30 AM. (watches Kramer as he sits up)

Kramer: Coz I don't sleep all night long like you people do. I need to make up for my lost sleep.

Jerry: Fine. But why on earth don't you sleep at night. (goes towards the refrigerator and gets a can of coke)

Kramer: Who says you have to sleep at night?

Term Paper on Creating ATV Show Assignment

Jerry: what do you mean? Everyone sleeps at night? It's the normal thing. (takes a sip of coke)

Kramer: Yeah but is it written somewhere. Is it some kind of law. You don't sleep at night and boom the next thing you know you are in jail. (Kramer gets up from the couch and picks up an apple from the kitchen table)

Jerry: I said it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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