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Since there are many competitors in this, market who have a good will among customers so this is a threat for us.

The creation seek to exist in the market by obtaining a unique edge through its product offering, the level of scope and service provided by them and the expertise of their labor.

PRODUCTS: Since the goods will be directly obtained from the manufacturer, their quality can be ensured issuing and overall satisfactory statement. The range of products will be unique, with little crossover to other retailers within the Atlanta marketplace.

SERVICES: Involving and establishing relationship with customer is the key to success. With the help of personalized design services, educational decorating workshops, gift registry, realtor programs, ASID discounts, gift certificates, gift wrap and preferred customer recognition programs, The creation will provide its customer with products not found in the market or not commonly available in this type of business format. It is our wish that customer can seek to us a as a resource fulfilling objective to achieve a personalized home environment.

EMPLOYEES: Employees of The Creation will enjoy a friendly, hard and innovative work and will support and encourage new and creative ideas. Learning from our mistakes and developing ourselves, as a long-term business is our utmost objective. Not only staying long-term but also managing the human resource and retaining employees on long-term basis to create expertise and consistency in customer service.

Marketing Strategy

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In addition to price, discounts and item promotional announcements (Reynolds, 2004), The Creation will focus more towards marketing itself n the advertising vehicles. It will also promote itself with the following:

Local and Regional Magazine Publications: The vehicle based advertising lines up nicely and provides a good demographic base with the coverage of these vehicles for The Creation.

TOPIC: Business Plan on Creation Business Plan the Creation Assignment

Direct Mail Postcards: The Creation will seek to inform and aware their customers, retaining their existing customer and attract new customers for sales of product. These mailings will be done and carried out on special occasions and will facilitate sale of slow moving products through negotiated specials.

Spring Festival -- 10% to 20% savings opportunity.

Open House -- 15% to 20% savings opportunity.

Holiday House -- 10% to 20% savings opportunity.

All these activities which will include new offering and promotions and seminars that ha taken place will be communicated and conveyed to customers through their magazines.

Website Marketing: Being part of Ecommerce business The Creation in its second year will seek to market itself online, we will support the business through different marketing strategies like search engine marketing, banner advertising, URL links and e-mail marketing on all correspondence. This third channel of business will increase the customer base, sales potential and service opportunities provided by The Creation.

Pro Forma Profit and Loss

Year 1 Year 2-Year 3


$589,000 $829,000 $995,000

Direct Cost of Sales

$265,050 $373,050 $447,750

Other Production Expenses




Total Cost of Sales

$265,050 $373,050 $447,750

Gross Margin

$323,950 $455,950 $547,250

Gross Margin %


55.00% 55.00%



$94,337 $152,591



$9,900 $10,680



$19,726 $19,726


Dues & Subscriptions









$2,552 $2,617


Marketing and Advertising

$39,113 $44,979


Merchant Fees

$11,780 $16,580



$2,268 $3,330


Outbound Freight

$600 $1,200



$97,992 $102,892


Repairs & Maintenance

$600 $618


Supplies -- Office, POS $2,706 $3,247


Taxes -- Other and Licenses

$1,595 $1,700


Telephone and Utilities

$10,116 $10,419


Payroll Taxes

$14,151 $22,889



$3,600 $4,000


Total Operating Expenses

$312,464 $398,991


Profit Before Interest and Taxes $11,486 $56,959



$31,212 $76,685


Interest Expense

$11,884 $10,272


Taxes Incurred




Net Profit

($398) $32,681


Net Profit/Sales

-0.07% 3.94%


Sales Forecast:

Sales Forecast

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3










Total Sales




Direct Cost of Sales

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3





Inbound Freight








Subtotal Direct COS




Plan Evaluation:

The Creation financial plan will be evaluated keeping in mind the following four points:

The Economy. This is the best time to kick start the economy that hasn't been doing well through new innovative and creative ideas (Ross, 2000).

Owner Experience. Due to loads of experience the learning curve will reduce and the time span would be shortened helping The Creation to meet their targets.


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