Term Paper: Creationism vs. Evolution in Public

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[. . .] However upon reading the Bible, the first stated verse reads that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth ....: (Holy Bible Scripture)

Summary and Conclusion

The element that must be allowed due consideration is that the first seven days, or the first week on earth was most likely not a series of seven days that were 24-hours long. Secondly, when attempting to understand such factors as some are not meant to understand or alternately are incapable of understand have no ability to grasp the omnipotent and powerful presence of God who both the actions of human being as well as the very thoughts in their mind. Perhaps it is something in the individual's environment or influences in their upbringing such as the church they attended or the teachings or lack of being taught by parents, teachers and the community at large. Each individual knows within that there is something that inherently connects the two differential but very possibly compatible view of how the earth and life as it is know to humans in…

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