Creative Case Study

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Creative Case

Identifying Information: Lisa Simpson is an eight-year-old Caucasian female with bright yellow skin and hair, and large white eyes. She lives with her parents Homer and Marge, as well as her older brother, Bart, and her younger sister, Maggie. Bart is ten and Maggie is a toddler. The Simpson family lives in Springfield, where Lisa attends Springfield elementary school.

Presenting Problem: Lisa is seeking counseling services for feelings of depression and anxiety.

History of Presenting Problem: Lisa claims to have been experiencing symptoms for several seasons.

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Description of Personality: Lisa is precocious, curious, and highly intelligent. Her vocabulary is sophisticated, and she speaks with maturity beyond her years. She is an honors student at Springfield Elementary, and has served as student council president, and is a member of the Springfield chapter of Mensa. Lisa is an avid reader of books, and prefers creative non-fiction and literature to books that are specifically geared towards her age group. Lisa has a strong social and political conscience. She has participated in political protests that cover the gamut of feminism, vegetarianism, and environmentalism. Lisa participated in several high-profile protest events including a long-term stance living in a tree to prevent it from being cut down. Lisa self-identifies as a Buddhist. From an early age, Lisa has demonstrated musical prowess. Her primary instrument is the saxophone. In addition to playing with the school band, Lisa has worked with professional jazz musicians like Bleeding Gums Murphy. Although Lisa does not participate in team sports, she has played hockey.

TOPIC: Case Study on Creative Case Study Assignment

Lisa's main challenges include mitigating sense of moral and intellectual superiority. She has few close friends, and does not feel close to any of her family members. Lisa considers her family members boorish and even described her father as being "dumb." Her political activism borders on fanaticism, and it is likely Lisa has forgotten that she is a little girl. She simultaneously isolates herself from others, while also bemoaning her loneliness. Lisa escapes into fantasy worlds, imagining herself in positions of power such as President of the United States.

Theoretical Basis: Lisa fits the description of an individual suffering from an anxiety disorder. Her symptoms fit the description of generalized anxiety disorder, outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV-Text Revision (DSM IV-TR). She has experienced excessive anxiety and worry for much longer than six months. Lisa claims that her constant state of anxiety has become a "part of who I am."

The primary focus of her worry is school, but she has recently come to worry about her health and her social relationships. Lisa's identity depends on her academic achievements. She refers to herself as "one of the smartest kids in school," and claims that physical education is the only class she does not receive regular "A's" in. Lisa is also highly active in extracurricular activities. She participates in a number of volunteer groups and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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