Creative Communities Research Proposal

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Creative Communities

The focus of this work are creative communities in New York City and to answer questions concerning the specifics of these creative communities. The work entitled: "Creative New York" states that New York "from the South Bronx to Madison Avenue...has...long been an incubator for cutting-edge artistic expression, a showcase for important art forms and a home for dynamic creative companies." (2005)

Creative Community in New York City

The Creative Community in New York city is comprised by 11,671 businesses and non-profits and provides employment to approximately 309,142 people or 8.1% of all city workers. (Creative New York, 2005) New York City additionally has in excess of 2,000 arts and cultural non-profits and over 500 art galleries, roughly 2,300 design services businesses, more than 1,100 advertising-related firms, nearly 700 book and magazine publishers and 145 film production studios and stages." (Creative New York, 2005)

The report additionally relates that 8.3% of all creative sector workers in the entire United States are based in New York City and the city is further "home to over a third of all the country's actors and roughly 27% of the nation's fashion designers, 12% of film editors, 10% of set designers, 9% of graphic designers, 8% of architects and 7% of fine artists." (Creative New York, 2005)

II. Business Entities in Creative Community in NYC

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Business entities forming the creative core range include "mega-corporations such as Time Warner and vaunted institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as small organizations and individual entrepreneurs throughout the five boroughs." (Creative New York, 2005)

Research Proposal on Creative Communities Assignment

The report entitled: "Inside New York's Creative Economy" states that the "breadth and quality of New York's talent pool are the essential building blocks for the city's creative economy. New York's creative workers are the originators, producers and presenters of the vast among of content that fuels this sector. They are the artists, performers, sound technicians, designer and many others whose ideas and unique skills give form to the cultural life of New York City." (2005)

III. Relationship Facilitation in Creative Community of NYC & the NYC Market

Facilitation of the relationships between creative individuals and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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