Creative Risk Research Proposal

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Creativity is the Motivation was still in high school when I wrote what I thought was a science fiction master piece. I really thought my writing was on a level of par excellence with the great science fiction writers. I was really quite full of myself. I sent the short story to the one place I was convinced it would be well received, praised for its original theme, and my story telling ability. Everyday, I would go straight home to check the mail for the response from the science fiction magazine. When the letter finally arrived, I went to the quietest place in the house, my room. With the door closed, I opened the letter. I think what most surprised me, was that it was so short. Just a few lines, thank you, but no thank. It said something like, "not for us." I really had not expected a rejection letter.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Proposal on Creative Risk Taking Assignment

My initial reaction was a sense of embarrassment. There is really no way, I think, to prepare for your first rejection letter. I put the manuscript away. It was a long time before I got over the sense of embarrassment. It would be along time before I would look at it again, but not a long time before I would… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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