Crime-Native Americans Crime Issues Term Paper

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Crime-Native Americans

Crime Issues for Native Americans

One problem that exists today between the federal government and the Native Americans is crime.

According to a report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on October 18, 2005, the crime rate against Native Americans has risen during the past five years (Some pp). In 2004, 131,539 Native American were arrested for murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and burglary, compare to 125,438 in 2003 (Some pp). There is an overwhelming number of arrests of Native Americans, over 72.3% of Native Americans were arrested in cities (Some pp).

Another 10.1 arrest occurred in the metropolitan countries the remainder were in non-metropolitan areas assumed to be the reservations, suburban, and communities that surround the reservation (Some pp).

The federal government reports that during the past five years, American Indian and Alaska Native people of all ages are victimized at the highest rate in the nation (Some pp). According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report, hate crimes against Native Americans has also increased (Some pp). In 2004, a total of 100 hate crimes consisting of bias crimes were up from 2003, however fewer Native Americans were involved in these crimes (Some pp).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Crime-Native Americans Crime Issues for Native Americans Assignment

A study released in 1999 by the United States Justice Department reported that American Indians are the victims of violent crime at a rate of more than twice the national average (Violent pp). The study also revealed that Native Americans, compared to other groups, are most likely to be the victims of violent crimes committed by members of a race other than their own (Violent pp). The study reported that over 60% of violent crimes against Native Americans… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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