Crime Scene Integrity, Management Essay

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Crime Scene Integrity, Management of Manner of Death, And Mechanisms of Death

This paper describes the delicate details of dealing with a crime scene where an individual victim has died. It first goes on to discuss the importance of keeping the integrity of the crime scene. This means not letting any evidence out of the scene, nor allowing anyone to bring in anything that might otherwise contaminate it. The first few officers on the scene have a very important job to do in securing the area, looking for potential suspects, and calling in a warrant for the rest of the forensic team to come in. Next, the paper moves on to discuss the management of the manner of death. Determining the manner of death is a huge part in an investigation and should be taken very seriously, for it determines what type of investigation is to follow. Understanding how the victim died is crucial for what to do next in an investigation and must follow very specific medical guidelines. Finally, the paper discusses mechanisms of death, both in general and in traumatic injuries. These are the events and circumstances that caused the victim to die, and the forensic team must understand them thoroughly.


Crime Scene Integrity

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Crime scene integrity is extremely important for really understanding the nature of the situation which led to a person's death. It is absolutely important that al members of law enforcement and the forensic team keep up the highest level of crime scene integrity so that the most amount of evidence can be extracted and the real killer or suspect can be brought to justice. Thus, many experienced crime scene officer will tell you that the key to doing the job well is protecting the crime scene," (Washington, 2011). The most important part is securing the scene so that no one can enter the scene and disturb any evidence

Essay on Crime Scene Integrity, Management of Assignment

The very first person on the scene has one of the most important duties. They must work diligently in order to secure the scene and make sure no one comes in to disturb evidence or that any potential evidence is lost. The next step is to call in a search warrant to secure the scene further and establish a thorough search with the rest of the investigation unit (Washington, 2011). If there are any victims on site, they must be taken care of first by getting the paramedics out to the scene to rush them to the hospital. Yet, along with these basic duties, the officer on the scene must be keenly aware of any potential suspects still lurking around the area and alert any other crime scene investigators. Contamination is a big worry. Not only should items not be taken out of the scene, but anything that might potentially contaminate it must also be kept out (). This means that investigators closest to the body should be wearing protective gloves in order not to add any fingerprints or other evidence.

The next step is to secure the scene by establishing clear boundaries. In many cases, the public is drawn to the commotion of a crime, and so boundaries must be set in order to keep them from disturbing any possible evidence. There could be a number of layers of boundaries set up in order limit access. For example, the first boundary could block out the general public, while the second could block out members of the press, while still not disturbing evidence. Thus, it is important to focus on "limiting access only to essential personnel, and keeping complete and accurate records of everything that happens there" (Washington, 2011). There needs to be an officer keeping diligent records of who comes in and out of the crime scene to best ensure its integrity later on (Washington, 2011).

Management Manner

Determining the manner of death also requires a specific manner. Essentially, the manner of death is "defined as how the death came about;… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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