Crime Scene Investigation Essay

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In those cases involving close shots, wadding may be found in either the victim's bodv or in his clothing" ( Furthermore, while we're unable to determine the distance between the muzzle of the gun and the victim, as such a determined distance would be useful in assessing whether or not the crime was a suicide with more certainty or if there was a struggle for the gun, in this case, the placement of the weapon is extremely revelatory. The weapon was found on the floor by the man's bed, underneath a pillow. Given the position that the man landed in (facedown, with one arm under his chest and another arm making an L-shape) points strongly to the fact that the man was likely murdered. In this case, it appears as though the weapon was concealed after the shot was fired, something that the man in the picture would have been incapable of doing himself. Furthermore, there appears to be some abnormality with the man's clothes, namely his shirt. "The position of the clothes -- for example, how far the pants are pulled up, whether garments are twisted sideways and then pulled down, backwards or even inside out -- may be of great importance. Any displacement from the normal position is measured…Folds in the clothes should be examined, especially on the lower parts of the body" (Fisher & Fisher, 2012). In this case, there appears to be damage to the clothing along with odd looking folds which strongly suggest that the body was lifted or dragged after it was shot. These elements, combined with the strange position of the body, the location of the gun strongly point to the fact that the man was shot as a result of a homicide.

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In conclusion, it appears as though the attacker gained access to the room in some manner, perhaps through an unlocked door or window and that there was a struggle of some sort. The victim was then shot in the head or the stomach and fell backward. The victim's body was then moved onto the bed and in the position that the body was found in. This explains the folds and strange impressions that were on the man's clothing. Finally, when fleeing the scene, the murderer panicked and dropped the rifle, covering it partly with a pillow, in a sloppy manner.


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