Crimes That Women Commit Essay

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¶ … crimes women commit and are victims of There are significant differences in the levels of given crimes that are committed by women as opposed to the male counter parts, and in the same trend, there are some crimes that women are more susceptible to as compared to their male counterparts. The gender plays a significant role in the type of crimes that women fall for and those that inflict them.

It is estimated that more than 1 million women are under the supervision of the U.S. correction system and the number keeps growing, indeed it is estimated that from 1985 to the current statistics, the number of women under incarceration has doubled. 30% of these women incarcerated are of the African-American origin. Property and drug crime is the leading crime that makes women be subject to the criminal justice system in the U.S. It is opined that women, in terms of percentage, are more likely to be incarcerated due to drug and property related cases as compared to men with the figures standing at 59% vs. 40%. The other crime that has led to incarceration of women is violent crime with one in every three women incarcerated being accused of violent crimes. The female offenders are also twice likely than men to have violently abused an individual they know or a family member. On the other hand, women are likely to be victims of violent crimes/rape and domestic abuse, these two are the most outstanding crimes that they become victims to, and significantly influences their social behavior.

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The gender issue plays a significant part in influencing the personality of women and their possibility of committing crimes in the future. It is estimated that more that 57% of women incarcerated by the state for the various crimes, majority of them being as mentioned above, have experienced some form of sexual or physical abuse before they got admitted into the prisons. These sexual and physical abuse are gender-based crimes which leads to women committing crimes as a way of projecting their frustrations (The Sentencing Project, 2016).

TOPIC: Essay on The Crimes That Women Commit Assignment

The increasing number of women getting incarcerated is largely informed by the gender-based violence and the sexual abuse, with women getting into drugs and property theft mainly as a way of fending for their physical and emotional void.

Trauma informed treatment and care for the female offender

There are extremely high levels of trauma among the incarcerated women as compared to the women in the general public. This means that if the trauma is not well handled, it keeps developing and ultimately the women will react to the stressful and traumatic situations from a point of fear, which is dangerous to both them and the general public to whom they return at the end of their sentences.

There is need hence to have a more trauma informed care system within the women prisons and the staff working within these institutions needs to be well equipped with the knowledge of identifying the trauma sources and also handle it well before it overwhelms the inmates. This system will also ensure the avoidance of a repeat or recreation of the circumstances that led to the trauma being experienced by the female inmates. Once the trauma informed care is instituted into the women facilities, the benefits will include enabling the women identify the circumstances that contribute to trauma in their lives and its effects and further, how to overcome such in prison. It will also enable women to live stable lives and reestablish their relationships with children in the system this care will also significantly reduce recidivism and the related costs like having to take care of the children being left behind. With lowered trauma situations through the care system, there will be lesser violent confrontations in the prison with fellow inmates as well as with the staff members (SAMHSA, 2016).

The conditions that a female inmate is subjected to will significantly influence the trauma levels that they undergo and the subsequent reaction to their environment. This will further affect their relationship with their children and the likelihood of them coming back to prison, hence the trauma sensitive care is of great significance to the female inmates.

Factors that contribute to adult and juvenile drug use/abuse

The issue of drug abuse among teenagers and your children is often not innate behavior or accidental, but occasioned by a particular event or occurrence in the life of the juvenile. The causative factors may be social or environmental in nature.

Some of the factors that lead to juvenile drug use are family/social pressure where the children see their parents and older siblings use some drugs freely in the house, they also grow to inculcate the vice in them. Once the drug is readily available in the house, the juveniles will find it easier to use than if they are foreign to the substances. It is estimated that 75% of teens start using drugs due to popular media that they are exposed to. This starts at ages that are as young as 12 years who are exposed to R rated movies and will make up their mind to try our popular drugs like marijuana and alcohol in the house. Escape and self-medication is yet another reason for juveniles using drugs, where if the adolescents are not happy with self and do not find a healthy outlet, they end up resorting to drug abuse for relief. Boredom is also seen as a reason for resorting to drug use by adolescents who have problem keeping themselves occupied, they will often join other youth who are freely using drugs to keep themselves occupied. Drug use has been seen as a way of rebelling and different youth chose varied drugs depending on their personality. Other causes are misinformation among youths, search for instant gratification and lack of confidence are some of the reasons why youth resort to drug use (Partnership for Drug Free Kids, 2016).

The treatment of drug use among the youth needs to be gender specific since there are various differing factors that influence the different genders to start using the drugs. The female youth are more likely to have sexual harassment and abuse as a cause for their use of drugs as compared to their male counterparts. This means that the treatment of the female addict will not only look at the drug use but also help in healing the psychological trauma that occasioned the drug use. The males are also seen to be more likely to go back into drug use hence the program they can be put into as compared to their female counterparty's need to suit such factors ().

The juvenile drug abuse cases are on the rise and cannot be ignored. The factors that lead to such a trend need to be closely examined by the relevant guardians and specific mitigation taken to help the youth stay free from drugs.

Female prison environment

The male and female prisons have significant differences due to the type of inmates who are held there in, the social environment and the way they are generally treated while within the confines of the prison walls. It can be said that the female prisons are generally better in the social and psychological aspect of the inmates.

The female prisons harbor less violent criminals as opposed to the male prisons where violence is a way of life. This means that the social setting in the female prisons is better for rehabilitation of criminals as compared to the male prisons. Majority of those in the women prisons are incarcerated due to drug abuse and hence the drug addiction recovery treatment is always a priority and much needed in the female prisons as compared to the male prisons who have various crimes they were charged with. The physical… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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