Criminal Investigations Term Paper

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Criminal Investigations

Over the last several years, the issue of criminal investigation procedures has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because a number of legal cases will depend upon the quality of evidence that is collected and the kind of analysis that is conducted. To determine the best practices there will be a focus on: the various types of evidence that is collected, how it should be examined, the information that can be provided, potential contamination issues and the various categories. These elements will show how the data that is collected is impacting the outcome of legal proceedings.

Discuss the various types of evidence and how they are collected

There are many different kinds of evidence collected by law enforcement. These include: physical, eyewitness and impressions. Physical evidence is when there is a focus on finding anything that can materially tie a particular individual to the crime scene and the victim. Some different examples include: finger prints, blood, saliva and seaman. Eyewitness evidence is concentrating on individuals who may have seen a particular activity taking place (as the crime was being committed). Impression evidence is when there is some type of physical indentation or mark around the crime scene. A few examples include: tire / tool tracks and bite marks. These factors are illustrating how there are different kinds of evidence that will be utilized to directly link a particular individual to the crime. (Lotter, 2012)

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The way that they are collected is through: interviewing witnesses / neighbors / friends / relatives, photographing / video recording key information, collecting samples and the utilization of ultra violet lights. This is showing how there are a variety of tools to gather different pieces of evidence. The techniques and approaches that are utilized will have an effect on the underlying amounts of quality. (Lotter, 2012)

How the evidence will or should be examined

Term Paper on Criminal Investigations Assignment

The way that any kind of evidence should be examined is through taking an approach that is focused on: the facts and where they will lead investigators. This means that there must be a certain degree of objectivity, which is supported by: all of the proof corroborating or refuting different theories. When this happens, investigators will be more effective in understanding who committed the crime and identifying a motive. It is at this point that these findings can be shown to prosecutors. They will determine if there is enough evidence to indict an individual based on: the data and analysis of the facts. ("Collecting Evidence at a Crime Scene," 2012)

The types of information evidence can provide

Evidence can provide investigators with detailed information about the identity of the perpetrator and the kinds of tools / techniques that were used to commit the crime. This helps to determine the motive and the time that these events were occurring. Moreover, the kind of information that is collected will quickly eliminate and isolate various criminal suspects. When this happens, the different facts will help law enforcement officials to determine what took place and how a series of events unfolded. It is at this point that the data will support or refute particular theories introduced about the crime. ("Collecting Evidence at a Crime Scene," 2012)

Possible contamination issues with the collection of evidence, and the different… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Criminal Investigations Term Paper

Criminal Investigations Term Paper

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