Criminal Justice Administration Essay

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Criminal Justice Administration

What should Casey's response be to the reporter (other than hanging up or telling him to call back) concerning the agency's recommendation?

Casey's response should be one that is straight forward and honest. She should tell them that her office is going to look at all the facts in the case and take everything into consideration when they make the decision of what to recommend to the court. A probation officer's main goal is to help the defendant to get the help that they need in order to become a productive member of society. Casey needs to stick to her ethics and carry out her job to the best of her ability. If her first concern is the well being and enhancement of the defendant then she needs to do her job and make sure that this person's needs are put before what any one else thinks. Because of this she should tell the reporter of her officer's recommendation for intermediate sanctions being imposed in this case.

If Casey elects to discuss her officer's recommendation for some form of intermediate sanction, how can she justify such sanctions in general and in this case specifically?

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Intermediate sanctions consist of corrections programs that less restrictive than total confinement but more restrictive than probation. These sanctions include various forms of intensive probation, house arrest, electronic monitoring, boot camps, day-reporting centers, and day fines. Every person who has contact with the Criminal Justice system should be looked at as an individual. Every person brings a different set of circumstances to the table. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another and for this reason each person should have their case reviewed on an individual basis.

TOPIC: Essay on Criminal Justice Administration Assignment

In the case that is presently before Casey her justification would be one of individualism. This client is a person that has his own set of circumstances and should have his case reviewed and recommendations made that will best benefit him. Due to the fact that he had suffered many years of physical and mental abuse and had no prior record these things should be taken into account. Also because he had been an incest victim since he was 5 years old and is not considered an otherwise nonviolent person and a low recidivism risk he appears to be a perfect candidate for intermediate sanctions in order to get him the help that he desperately needs.

3. Do you feel the probation officer's recommendation is correct based on these facts? Why or why not?

Yes, I feel that the probations officer's recommendations are corrected based on the facts presented. This young man has been an unfortunate victim of the circumstances in which he grew up in. He really needs help that he has a good chance of receiving if he is afforded the opportunity to undergo the intermediate sanctions. This particular individual will not gain anything by just being locked up and not given any help. He will also not gain from just being put on probation and not given any help. He needs the professional intervention that he can be given by intermediate sanctions.

4. Which form of intermediate sanction would appear to hold the most promise for the offender in this case?

In this particular case the best form of intermediate sanction that holds the most promise for the offender is that of a series of sanctions. This particular individual would benefit most from intensive probation that might include some residential treatment in the beginning so that he can get the professional help that he needs. He could then be placed on house arrest with the use of an electronic monitoring system in order to assure that he is abiding by the rules that have been set down for him. Once this person gets the help that they need it will be easier to decide which other sanctions will be appropriate for use in order to make sure that he does not reoffend. This person needs to be offered an opportunity to get help and turn his life around. The last thing he needs is to become another victim of the system in which he gets ignored and forgotten.

Module 6/Discussion 1- Corrections Goals

Discuss how administrative stressors such as budgeting, human resources, and providing a safe and secure environment impact the overall goal of corrections.

Administrative stressors can have a tremendous affect on anyone in the work place but has particular effects on those who work in stressful jobs such as corrections. When there is not enough money to go around and human resources are short, those who are there to do the jobs often feel as if they are being asked to do more than their fair share. The overall goal of corrections includes retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. If the overall focus of everyday progression turns from these things to just coping with administrative stressors then these things will surely suffer. The overall goal of the process itself will be lost in the day-to-day administrative issues and inmates and probationers will fail to receive the help and guidance that they need. In order for the overall goals of corrections to be carried out successfully the goals need to be the only thing that is focused on. Carrying out correction goals takes a special type of person who can concentrate on what they are supposed to be doing and does not get caught up in the administrative things that they can't control.

Module 6/Discussion 2 -- 8th Amendment

Discuss issues that correctional administrators and officers might encounter when enforcing compliance of the 8th Amendment (i.e., inmate crowding, etc.)

The areas of jail operations that typically come under Eighth Amendment scrutiny include the use of force, medical care, inmate safety, and other conditions of confinement. Basically this amendment when applied to jail systems means that prison officials do not have the right to beat inmates, regardless of how confrontational the inmate's behavior may be. An inmate's serious medical condition cannot be ignored because officials are trying to save money or because the inmate had the condition before he entered the jail. Persons treating medical conditions must be competent medical professionals. Inmates cannot be placed in conditions of confinement that create substantial risk of serious harm.

In the end it is the responsibility of the jail staff to make sure that inmates Eighth Amendment guarantees are not violated. Accordingly staff is permitted to use force in many circumstances, including protecting themselves or others, protecting property, enforcing orders, and maintaining jail safety and security. But force, if excessive enough, violates the Eighth Amendment because it is thought to be cruel and unusual punishment in the eyes of the court. Inmates must be provided with adequate medical care when it is warranted and inmates cannot be housed in an environment that is considered to be overcrowded.

Module 6/Discussion 3 -- Unethical Practices

Identify a potential unethical practice that could occur in policing, courts or corrections. Describe how this unethical practice could be resolved by the administrative supervisors.

In policing there are many unethical practices that occur across the country everyday. One such behavior in particular is an officer accepting gifts in exchange for not writing tickets. This is definitely an unethical behavior as it affords the officer to have the power to decide which individuals are going to be punished for their crimes and which ones are not. This is not how the criminal justice system is set up to work. There is an inherent process of check and balances in place in order to deter the power from being given to just one.

The way in which this issue can be resolved by administrative supervisors is to make sure that there is a good ethical training program in place and that every… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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