Criminal Justice - Crime Prevention Theories Term Paper

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Criminal Justice - Crime Prevention


The Nature of Crime Prevention:

Crime is a human invention that derives from the concept of societal laws; without codified laws, there is no such thing as crime, because crime is simply the violation of those established laws. Crime prevention comprises several specific function, such as police intervention, criminal investigation, apprehension, prosecution, and corrections. Collectively, the various functions of the entire Criminal Justice system also serves another important role as a deterrence to future criminal conduct.

In principle, crime includes everything from technical violations of misdemeanors and other even less serious levels of penal violation that are actually inconsequential in their effect to the most serious types of crimes that threaten the health, safety, and welfare of other individuals, sometimes in very large numbers. Crime prevention is purposeful effort to reduce criminal conduct by deterrence before the fact, and by investigating and punishing criminal conduct after the fact, where and to the extent it is in the reasonable interest of society to do so.

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Crime prevention takes on myriad forms, including "first-line" police street patrols, detective investigation services, forensic science, and white collar crime detection and intervention. In police patrol services, crime prevention may include elements of informal policies and procedures in the street and in many facets of law enforcement, it may include baited "sting" operations. While the concept of crime prevention is very broad, virtually every aspect of law enforcement functions requires prioritizing specific categories of criminal conduct because equally strict enforcement of every type of crime is both impractical and also of dubious value, regardless.

Achieving Crime Prevention:

TOPIC: Term Paper on Criminal Justice - Crime Prevention Theories of Assignment

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