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Now that virtually everyone with a smart phone could take pictures or videos of police misconduct, the field of law enforcement is obliged to be ethical because one never knows when a phone / camera is aimed at the behavior of cops. Also, the television news industry now has several cable news channels and they compete vigorously to beat each other with revelations on misbehavior (whether real or questionable), cops included.

FIVE: Ethics is a field that is probably more significant now in the law enforcement milieu because the definitions of ethics are numerous and it can be a confusing issue. Understanding the importance of ethics is vitally important for a law enforcement officer because he or she will find that what is ethical and what is not ethical can be a fuzzy dilemma. However, the law is far more cut and dried; it's either legal or it's not legal. The statutes are very clear so officers (in most cases) are very familiar with laws. But as noted, ethics can be confusing and vague as to what is truly ethical hence I feel ethics is more important in this case.

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SIX: What would I do in this situation? I would allow the young officer to go about his business and issue a citation. The fact that I know the driver who ran the red light is irrelevant to the violation he is accused of. Yes I would shake hands with the store owner because there is no reason to be in denial just because this is a real-life police / traffic situation. After all it was not a DUI issue in which the driver would need to be handcuffed and jailed. It was a simple traffic ticket and if the store owner is a reasonable person he knows he made a mistake and he also knows it is the duty of the officer to issue a citation. It would be a good lesson for the young officer to witness; no one is above the law! If the young officer is shocked that the veteran officer ticketed a man who is a friend, then indeed that is a perfect lesson for him to learn.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Criminal Justice Ethics the Ethical Assignment

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