Criminal Justice Ethics Thesis

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Criminal justice ethics: "Serpico"

It would be so easy for police officer Frank Serpico to rationalize ignoring the unethical behavior of his fellow law enforcement officials from a utilitarian perspective. After all, they are making the world a safer place -- so what if they occasionally enhance their salaries with protection money? The bribe money is viewed as an extra incentive to make the risks of being a New York City cop worth the effort. Furthermore, Serpico's rooting out of corruption causes disunity and hatred on the force rather than immediately improves the quality of policing (or Serpico's own life) in a coherent fashion. Serpico becomes so despised he can no longer be an effective crime-fighter. From the perspective of the greatest good for the greatest number, perhaps it would be best to let sleeping dogs lie, a utilitarian would counsel Serpico. Taking money almost builds 'trust' on the force, given if everyone is doing it, no one is better than anyone else: 'Who can trust a cop who doesn't take money,' says one of Serpico's fellow officers.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Criminal Justice Ethics Assignment

Yet true to his morals, dressing like a man of the street as an undercover cop, with a mustache and ratty clothes, rather than assuming the clean-cut image of his fellow corrupt officers, Serpico is still more admirable. He is categorically a purist in matters of ethics and cannot be bought. He pursues a strategy of deontological ethics, holding true to the principle that one should behave as if one is setting an ethical precedent for all time and not make ethical decisions purely based upon situational circumstances. Corruption spirals into more corruption, and Serpico believes that if he ignores what is going on, than no one in society will be safe, ultimately. Furthermore, the deontological ethicist advises that you cannot predict the consequences of your ethical actions, so it is best to behave ethically in the here and now. Serpico takes it upon… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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