Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Essay

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Most communities have a skewed view of the law enforcement professionals, which makes it difficult for professionals to operate (Barker, 2011). Secondly, the professionals face a challenge with attending to the vast population with their limited numbers. This slows the efficiency of crime prevention through patrols and other means. Additionally, there is the challenge of the societal creations that bring about the criminal acts. Reaching the agents of the crime manufacturing in the society is difficult; thus, the professional finds it hard to attend to matters concerning the crime prevention process.

In combating these challenges, the professionals can take various models of operation. These strategies to curb the issues challenging the professionals include, empowering the community, which simplifies the relation between the professional and society. The professionals can develop community-based policing in which the professionals rely on the citizens for information and intelligence of unlawful acts (Barker, 2011). The professionals can also decentralize the authority to improve the response to the neighborhood-based crime. Using the crime theories, the law enforcement agency can develop specific professionals for the role of prevention and control of crime and such acts: rather than officers generalize their training. The professionals can also establish and seek a broad belief from the public in their function. With these operations, the society will be safe.

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The safety of the people is imperative for progress in all sectors, economically, socially or politically. Therefore, the law enforcement professionals have an obligation to safeguard the rights of the people in the country by maintaining law and order.


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