Criminal Justice Management Mapping Crime Article Review

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In other words, police culture and organizational inertia tend to resist changes to basic assumptions underlying policing strategies, while researchers feel that there should be no sacred cows.

Six Recommendations

Improved communications -- the police and researchers should be upfront about what they hope to gain from collaborative projects and the risks they foresee (Stephens, 2010, p. 151-152). These expectations should be updated by both sides as the collaboration matures, so that compromises can be agreed upon before problems fester.

Some of the friction between the police and researchers arise from differences between political and academic orientations, respectively. Critique is central to academic discourse, but in the political environment within which most police departments reside, critique tends to be perceived by the public as criticism and can therefore carry a heavy price. Stephens (2010) suggests that researchers acknowledge the realities of police politics and frame research findings accordingly. In addition, researchers should realize that they are talking to not only other academics, but also policy makers, politicians, police administrators, and the communities at large. They should therefore publish their findings in a manner that is accessible to all of these different groups, even if it means multiple publications.

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Funding and Funders -- federal research dollars for policing research is scarce and local funding non-existent (Stephens, 2010, p. 152). If researchers and police departments could find common ground, they may be more successful in finding additional funding sources. Stephens suggests neighboring universities could also collaboration potential and increase funding opportunities for policing research projects.

TOPIC: Article Review on Criminal Justice Management Mapping Crime Assignment

Risk -- in addition to the political concerns surrounding the release of academic research findings mentioned above, a number of other potential pitfalls should be considered (Stephens, 2010, p. 152-153). For example, will officers on the street invest themselves in research efforts, or what are the liability issues if experimental policing methods temporarily increase crime? Not addressing such issues upfront is a mistake, because research projects could be derailed if overlooked.

Operational considerations -- if researchers require a significant change in policing operations to address research questions, they should look for police departments willing to consider making such changes (Stephens, 2010, p. 153). Doing otherwise is a fool's errand.

Community and policymaker resistance -- Members of the community and their representatives tend to be even more resistant to change compared to police departments, therefore it is up to the police and researchers to engage the community regarding the intended goals of the research. Not only is it important to have community support, but educating the community about state-of-the-art policing methods can help bring about the necessary policy changes to improve policing effectiveness.

Research agenda -- rather than engaging in reactive research agendas in response to an incident and the subsequent media storm, Stephens (2010) suggests that research agendas should be determined through a collaborative, thoughtful process between the police and academic researchers.


Stephens (2010) suggests that tensions… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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