Criminal Justice Management Essay

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Criminal Justice Management

Intelligence Led Policing

Intelligence Led Policing is a growing trend in both national and local security strategies and measures. This approach to law enforcement is much more strategic approach to law enforcement which features strategies aimed at early location and understanding of potential risk factors and how to manage those problems before they become too big to control. It is essentially based on finding out intelligence and implementing more proactive strategies that are geared towards the intelligence gathered beforehand.

The Sparrow case study provides an interesting glimpse in modern implementations of intelligence led policing being used within a contemporary context. The article discussed the occurrence of a failed car bomb in the infamous Times Square in New York. The article highlights the New York Police Department's intelligence capabilities and how those capacities are being successfully used to deter future terrorist acts before they are actually set into place. Immediately, the media went into a furry in blaming the Obama administration for not being able to protect American citizens. This shows a clear misunderstanding of intelligence led policing in the eyes of the media.

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TOPIC: Essay on Criminal Justice Management Assignment

There was a preventative patrol experiment conducted in Kansas City. This experiment lasted between 1972 and 1973, later being evaluated by the Police Foundations. Essentially, the experiment tested on whether it was true that heightened numbers of police on patrol would help deter people from actually committing crimes. In this, the more police visible on the streets would essentially mean less criminal activities out of the fear of those visible police. Yet, the case clearly had major issues that made me personally believe the assumption of greater police presence was not necessarily as great of a deterrent as many would… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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