Criminal Justice Managers Essay

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At the same time, many of these guidelines were applied to American law enforcement based upon specific ideas which are relevant to the U.S. This means that the theories are combination of various practices learned from incidents that occurred nationally and techniques from different nations. (Vodde, 2009) (Seelke, 2009)

For example, Great Britain has influenced the kinds of practices that are utilized. This is taking place in the areas of: limited police / government, placing a higher value on protecting individual liberty, a tradition of local law enforcement and a decentralized system of enforcing the law on the regional level. These areas are important, as they are illustrating how other countries have impacted the basic structures and foundations which are utilized throughout the U.S. This is illustrating the influence of other nations on the basic system and strategies embraced by law enforcement agencies. (Vodde, 2009)

However, at the same time, U.S. law enforcement is having an impact on the techniques and practices utilized by other departments around the world. This is because the overall nature of crime will transcend international borders and can have an influence on those who are dealing with similar challenges. American officials can work with their counterparts in these countries to coordinate, train and more effectively address the problem over the long-term. (Seelke, 2009)

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For instance, one area where this is taking place is through anti-gang related activities. This is because many of these groups have become so large. That they are spreading across international borders. If left unaddressed, these issues will result in large criminal enterprises challenging the authority of national governments. To help these countries tackle the problem, law enforcement will provide assistance in specific techniques for investigating and dismantling them. (Seelke, 2009)

Essay on Criminal Justice Managers Discuss the Assignment

Recently, this has been occurring with MS 13. The gang was originally formed in Los Angeles, California in the late 1970s. However, they are reaching out to individuals from Latin American countries. In many cases, their members are in the U.S. illegally and join the gang as way of finding support. The problems are compounded when they are deported from the U.S. And sent back to their home countries. They will continue with their activities in these locations. This is resulting in gang related problems expanding to these areas. To help these nations combat the problem, American law enforcement is training, coordinating and sharing intelligence. This is illustrating, how the U.S. is influencing the practices and tactics used by other countries. (Seelke, 2009)


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