Criminal Justice Powell, Michael. "Bragging Article Review

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Yet more should be done to ensure an error-free DNA processing procedure at all stages of the criminal justice process.

Dwyer, Jim. "Rewriting the City's Record on Prisons." The New York Times. 2 Jan, 2014. Retrieved online:

In this article, Dwyer comments on Harry Belafonte's criticism of the New York City prison system. According to the author, the city has effectively reduced its prison population and is contributing to the overall state reduction in incarceration rates. This news is promising. While the rest of the nation should follow suit, at least New York is taking steps to reduce one of the country's biggest shames: prison overcrowding and the needless imprisonment of nonviolent drug offenders. Alternative sentencing for other crimes, and more aggressive prevention programs are also absolutely critical to reducing prison overpopulation.

Fuller, Thomas. "Wave of High -- Profile Crimes Has Put Malaysians on the Defensive." 18 October, 2013. Retrieved online:

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Although we are not discussing international crime, I wanted to write about this article in a more general sense to show how rates of crime shift in response to changing demographics. This article could apply equally as well to an American city that is rapidly growing and changing. The article focuses on the sudden increasing in crimes in Malaysia, with an emphasis on the capital Kuala Lumpur. The city has always been known to be safe but recently has had a rise in crime, especially thefts and burglaries. Class conflict and strain theory are used to explain the issue, but there are clearly other issues at stake given the simultaneous rise in crimes that are violent too, such as rape and homicide.

Kelly, Heather. "Hyperlocal apps help residents fight crime." CNN Tech. 14 May, 2014. Retrieved online:

TOPIC: Article Review on Criminal Justice Powell, Michael. "Bragging Assignment

In this article, the author discusses the use of technology to empower residents of a community in Arizona. This article shows that community residents can use a simple app on their smartphone, which they are already using, to monitor their neighborhood. It is an app that can easily transfer to other cities. The reason why I selected this article for discussion is that I believe in community policing as a viable model. Applications like this help residents feel responsible for the safety of their community, more responsive to threats, and more willing to take action. This will lead to increased citizen watch patterns, and cooperation with police. As long as this does not lead to the "stand your ground" type approach, applications like this will help make communities safer and can be applied to urban, suburban, and even rural regions. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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