Criminal Justice - Research Methods Essay

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News blurbs include topics of high interest, such as, a report that the overall crime rate in New York has dropped while the incidence of hate crimes has increased.

Hate Crimes in New York State Annual Report


The State of Connecticut Statistical Analysis Center (CT-SAC) is located at the OPM, which is under the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Grants are awarded on an annual basis. The Research, Analysis & Evaluation Unit applied for grant funds to support the research and administration of the Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) for the State of Connecticut. The relocation of the CT-SAC was an effort to build in-house resources for knowledge sharing, to streamline operations, and to provide agency cross-training in order to improve coordination and support for the CJPAC Research Workgroup.

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Between 1970 and 2010, there were 554 incidents of terrorism in Germany. The incidents hit a definitive peak between the years 1990 and 1997. Most of the incidents targeted business, with military and police targets accruing the second and third highest numbers of incidents of terrorism, respectively. The two main types of weapons were incendiary and melee. Fatalities were rare, the intent may have been to destroy property and disrupt. The list of perpetrators is very long and very specific. It was not possible to start with the incidences and find the perpetrator. Rather, the perpetrator had to be selected and then related incidents would be shown. In August 29, 1995, the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) was responsible for attacks on businesses, private citizens, and private property in Ulm in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, injuring four people and killing two people.

TOPIC: Essay on Criminal Justice - Research Methods Assignment

Source: Framework for Program Evaluation, CDC

For a community mobilization effort against youth violence, I would begin by talking to community leaders. Who these people are is highly dependent upon the dominant cultural or ethnic groups in a community, but it is safe to say that a community mobilization effort would be "dead in the water" if it did not engage these community influencers. Initial meetings with community leaders / influencers will help to direct the first formal, organized, and visible activities in the community. Once the community leaders have agreed on the primary tenets of the program, they will act as champions of the program, telling key stakeholders about the program plans. In this way, by the time the initial meeting occurs, a group of community influencers will be ready to evangelize the program within the community.

As I could not get the website provided us to open, I did some additional online searching and found a document that references the Audits and Strategies Toolkit. The URL to that paper is Specifically, the resource that I located was an audit report from a work group conducted by the Research and Information Team of Leicestershire County Council, the focus of which was crime, disorder, and drugs. The audit workshop was conducted on February 13, 2004. From this paper, I was able to make some comparisons between the Audits and Strategies toolkit and our readings about Problem Analysis Evaluation methods and strategies. Both approaches have a problem-centered focus that helps to generate strategies for addressing problems that include: (1) Summarization of data that embeds considerations about spatial analysis (i.e., mapping crimes presented a challenge as the data sources vary with respect to the type of census and mesh maps -- based on a grid system --employed); (2) key problem identification; (3) deep data analysis [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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