Term Paper: Criminal Justice Response Cesare Beccaria ) Wrote

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Criminal Justice Response

Cesare Beccaria (1963) wrote that everyone possesses free will, a rational manner and a rational self-interest. This makes human action predictable and controllable, largely matters of personal choice. The task of the Criminal Justice system is to predict and control these deviant acts that people with freewill might do to satisfy their own personal pleasures.

A strong believer in the social contract, Beccaria believed that individuals exercised their freewill in deciding to commit crimes. Therefore, in addition to the criminal justice system, government should also create a system of laws and punishment, so that law-abiding citizens could "be defended against private usurpation by individuals" (Beccaria 1963: 43).

In this case, Beccaria would first of all look at how the crime could have been prevented. Bobby may have been feeling looked down upon by his peers, because he did not the requisite pair of tennis shoes. Educators or alert school counselors could have helped to shore up Bobby's self-esteem, so he would not have to covet the shoes so much. An alert parent… [END OF PREVIEW]

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