Criminal Justice System Corrections Term Paper

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At the sentencing, regardless of whether they were witnesses during the trial, "victims are allowed to prepare for the judge (and perhaps to read at the sentencing hearing) a victim impact statement that explains how the crime affected them. In deciding on a sentence, the judge has a range of choices, depending on the crime" (The criminal justice system, 2013, National Center for Victims of Crime). Sentences may include a suspended sentence; time served; probation; parole (if the offender has already been serving jail time); or jail time (The criminal justice system, 2013, National Center for Victims of Crime). Once the criminal is sentenced, the victim can still take an active role in the judicial process and be present at hearings for parole.

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As can be seen in this step-by-step outline, the workings of the criminal justice system are fundamentally different from those of the civil court system. If the defendant is not found guilty in the criminal justice system, the victim may still have recourse through the civil court system. There, the burden of proof is less onerous: instead of 'guilty beyond a reasonable doubt,' the standard is guilt by a 'preponderance of the evidence.' "Regardless of whether a criminal prosecution was undertaken, or whether the defendant was found not guilty, crime victims may still be able to seek justice by filing a civil lawsuit against the person or persons the victim believes caused the victim harm. The civil justice system does not determine an offender's guilt or innocence, but works to determine whether the offender is liable for the harm caused to the victim" (What are the differences between the civil and criminal justice system, 2013, National Crime Victim Law Institute). Suits in civil court are not brought forth by the state, however, but by the wronged party called the 'plaintiff.'


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