Criminal Justice System Essay

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This helps the police in establishing probable cause and connecting other evidence that was collected during the process of the investigation. It is at this point that this information can be used to show how a crime is being committed (which could lead to a judge authorizing a search warrant). (Samaha, 2011)

The dangers involved with using these kinds of tips are that the police could be receiving false information. This is problematic, because they could potentially detain or raid a residence of someone that has committed no crime. If this were to happen it opens law enforcement up to the possibility of a civil lawsuit and a ruling against the search. Another potential danger is that many of the criminals could use this as a way to change the focus of the investigation to someone else. This is troubling, in that this kind of tactic will protect criminals from prosecution by having informants provide the police with information on their rivals and enemies. In the future, this could lead to uneven enforcement of the law by focusing on select groups while ignoring others. (Samaha, 2011)

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The biggest dangers of not using tips are that law enforcement will have more difficulties in proving that a crime is being committed. This makes it easier for criminals to avoid prosecution and continue with their activities in the future. When the police are able to understand the organization better is the point that they can effectively arrest and prosecute a suspect. As a result, the type of crime and the difficultly in solving the case should matter. The reason why, is from the critical information that someone may have about a suspect. This means that any kind of tips could tie everything together.


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