Criminal Justice System Juvenile Delinquency Identify Three Term Paper

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Criminal Justice System Juvenile Delinquency

Identify three components of the diversionary program and initiatives within the NCJRS website Woman & Girls in the Criminal Justice System.

Gender-Specific Assessment of Offender's Needs, Strengths, and Risk Factors in conjunction with Gender-Specific Programming

A Focus on Personal Transformation and Rehabilitation through Continuous Exposure to Positive Role Models (Probation Officers, Case Workers)

Systematic Training to Implement Uniform Assessment and Programming Practices Across Multiple Criminal Justice and Social Service Agencies.

2.Compare and contrast state and local programs as they contribute to successful reintegration and transition services.

State Programs

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State institutions, due to the state's exclusive authority for most criminal offenses in the state, usually encounter juvenile offenders only after they have reached the sentencing stage. Although criminal justice institutions theoretically exist to punish criminal offenders for the sake of public safety, incapacitation is often seems premature for most juvenile offenders. Criminal Justice Institutions such as the Department of Juvenile Justice in Maryland have recognized that traditional programming options, which consisted of either short-term or long-term commitment to residential group homes, were more likely to promote than prevent recidivism because the offenders were often being placed in an unhealthy environment. These experiences only reinforced the bad habits of juvenile offenders, trapping them in an environment that they could not see past.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Criminal Justice System Juvenile Delinquency Identify Three Assignment

The Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice formed a task force to assess the programming needs of adjudicated female juvenile offenders. The task force formed what they called a Female Intervention Team composed of 13 juvenile counselors/case managers and 1 juvenile supervisor in order to help rehabilitate the female juvenile offender while she was serving out her sentence or sanction. (Juvenile Justice Journal, 1999, p. 15).

The Female Intervention Team counselors, hailing from a variety of backgrounds, were each assigned an all-female caseload. They managed the cases of female juvenile offenders, supervised probation, and organized monthly group activities. One benefit of this approach is that the girls, many of whom were physically or sexually abused by adults at some point in their lives, learned that men and women have healthy relationships which did not involve sex, violence, or drugs. (Juvenile Justice Journal, 1999, p. 16).

Local Programs

Local governmental bodies, such as counties and cities, do not have as much authority in matters of criminal law besides law enforcement. Thus, local governments usually deliver juvenile justice programs through social service agencies and other youth-facing institutions. Their value is in their counseling capabilities as fellow members of the community who are familiar with the larger familial, financial, and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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