Criminal Justice System Admission Essay

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Third, these decisions should be used to design effective System-wide: alternative programs for dealing with addiction; screening and assessment in order to decide which people should be merely prosecuted and which people need alternatives such as substance abuse treatment. Fourth, the System needs to empower and encourage all members of the Criminal Justice System to use effective alternatives to sentencing. Fifth, the System needs to empower and encourage all members of the Criminal Justice System to supervise people being helped by those alternatives, using the power of their positions to encourage each person's cooperation. By adopting a System-wide approach to substance abuse, the Criminal Justice System can more effectively and ultimately inexpensively deal with our rampant drug/alcohol-related criminal problems.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Admission Essay on Criminal Justice System Most Important Assignment

In closing, I want to thank the Department again for allowing me to explain my life, goals and opinion of the most important change needed in the Criminal Justice System. I also want to extend my offer of any additional information or documentation the Department may need in order to make its decision about my qualifications. I look forward to your decision and sincerely hope that I will be given the opportunity to learn and contribute as a member of the Masters of Criminal Justice Program.
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