Criminal Justice System Program Reducing Research Paper

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Selection criteria and their weights are statement of the problem at 25%, project design at 25%, capabilities and competencies at 30%, data collection plan at 10%, and budget a 10% (BJA).

Rationale of the Program

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Research showed a 4.1% decline in violent crime in cities where PSN was implemented as compared with only 0.9% in cities that had no implementation (NIJ, 2009). The cities investigated were Durham, Greensboro and Winston-Salem in North Carolina, Lowell in Massachusetts, St. Louis in Missouri, Chicago, Stockton in California, and Montgomery and Mobile in Alaska. There were very significant declines in gun crime in all the police districts, which implemented PSN as compared to districts, which did not. It was found that target cities with a high level of commitment by the district attorney office also had high levels of PSN implementation. The key factors influenced PSN in reducing violent crime. These were cross-agency buy-in and flexibility. Flexibility, in turn, had five basic components, such as partnerships, strategic planning, training, outreach, and accountability. Cross-agency buy-in or distributed leadership existed among the key agency leaders, such as the chief of police, the local prosecutor, the child of probation and parole and the mayor or city manager. Flexibility meant fitting or adapting the program to the needs of the district rather than increased federal gun prosecution. This was demonstrated by partnerships, strategic planning, training, outreach and accountability. Partnerships were formed by enforcement agencies, State and federal prosecutors, parole and probation agencies and community groups. Strategic planning covered enforcement, prosecution, deterrence and prevention. More than 17,000 PSN members received training by 2005 alone. Outreach activities were conducted on nationwide basis. And accountability was conducted by means of different reporting mechanisms (NIJ).

The Place of Problem-Solving

TOPIC: Research Paper on Criminal Justice System Program Reducing Assignment

Prevention and intervention start with problem-solving (NIJ, 2008). This two-pronged concept drives law enforcement to identify concentrations or criminal activity; determine the causes of these concentrations; and come up with responses to reduce these concentrations. An investigation on gun violence interventions in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and St. Louis found that effective partnerships demand extensive commitment in terms of time, resources and energy; local data prompt and focus local action; researchers are a significant element; and problem-solving often requires organizational change, sometimes viewed as threatening. If the commitment is not strong enough, other events may take in resources or partners may give up. Collaboration requires eliminating traditional jurisdictional control and self-interests. Hard evidence is necessary to convince residents, the police and policy makers to assign limited resources for intervention programs. Researchers are skilled persons in handling data in identifying problem causes and measuring them. They use strict and reliable methods in isolating specific factors in the success or failure of an endeavor. And problem-solving often invites resistance to the change it implies and requires. That resistance must be overcome so that it does not interfere with the program or the desired change (NIJ).


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-. Problem-solving to reduce gun violence. National… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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