Criminal Justice System Today Essay

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It is true that prison overcrowding is one of the most urgent criminal justice issues not only in America, but all over the world. More often than not the responsible institutions have cited lack of jail space as the cause for this problem. This has led to the proposal of building more prison facilities to accommodate the soaring numbers. However, I hold a different opinion, I believe that the major cause is the lack of alternatives to incarceration which leads all offenders to prison and this is worsened by introduction of certain policies. For instance there is the mandatory minimum sentence for drug crimes in America; this has highly increased the rate of incarceration (Green, 2011). It implies that when alternatives to incarceration are adopted then the number of offenders headed for the prisons will greatly reduce eventually addressing the issue of prison overcrowding.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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On the other hand the criminal justice system encourages courts to dispense with the cases that are pending to reduce the volume of cases. This pressure usually leads to either offenders walking free or the wrong people sent to prison in the process of carrying out speedy trials and this is a serious violation (Leipold, 1995). This usually happens because of the complex process involved in taking the defendants through the justice system. It involves organization of attorneys and witnesses for appearance. In some instances one officer may be required to appear in two different locations consecutively and since this is not possible a defendant could walk free. To avoid such loopholes the system usually pays the price of cases backlog. What better way would be there than exploring alternatives to incarceration and bypassing the prison system? This is a clear indication that the most significant problem facing the criminal justice system today is lack of alternatives to incarceration. The moment this is addressed then a host of other related problems will be solved eventually. The only challenge is to convince the relevant authorities that this is what should be addressed and not the related issues since most people still hold the strong view that offenders, especially violent ones or sexual offenders, should be isolated from the society to eliminate threat.


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