Criminal Justice Systems Comprise of Different Elements Capstone Project

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Criminal justice systems comprise of different elements. Many issues are likely to be raised as problem statements when analyzing Criminal justice issues. Usually, the issues relate in one way or the other to ensure common objectives for any criminal justice system. For instance, in trying to address the problem such as "comparison between mentally challenged individuals and the normal offenders" issues relating to the arrest of mentally ill offenders will also arise in case of normal offenders. This illustrates the issue of fairness and justice to all, and at the same time addresses issues related to timeliness in the trial process.

The crime prevention and investigation strategies for mentally ill persons and normal offenders will be the same. In both, for instance, the crime reduction plan will be in harmony with the criminal justice and public safety council. When taking general surveys, both the mentally ill and normal offenders will be interviewed and issues such as self-reported victimization could arise in both scenarios. As the policies provide for early resolution and hastened trial for the normal offenders, these policies will also apply for the normal offenders. The initiatives will affect both offenders and they include timeliness to enhance early resolutions, adherence to court procedures and hierarchical order and the reduction of current case backlog. This clearly indicates that policies and regulations will not affect a certain class of offenders, but will also apply to other diverse classes of offenders. The law applies equally to enhance justice and fairness.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Capstone Project on Criminal Justice Systems Comprise of Different Elements. Assignment

The justice systems for criminals allows for justice, fairness and public safety. This happens to be a diverse element of the judicial system, as all criminals have the right to a fair trial, regardless of their physical and mental situation. Fairness is expected to lead to a community that is peaceful and safe. Justice officials are therefore expected to be just enough and offer… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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