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Certain theories may be more appropriate to discussing and curtailing certain crimes -- for instance, the developmental theory of subcultures seems uniquely appropriate to the drug culture, where by uprooting the organizational structures that financially reward drugs, drug networks can be circumvented. Developmental theories of drug control also stress that while the control of sellers and users through the criminal justice system is necessary, rehabilitating and social procedures must be implemented so addicts receive treatment and the social, contributing causes to drug abuse such as poverty and hopelessness are eliminated or curtailed.

Question 5: Barriers to effective policing have long occurred because of abuses of police authority and corruption within the department that is not adequately supervised by internal affair reviews. But beyond a crisis of perceptions of public honesty, it is also important that police are seen as contributing to a safer community, rather than simply enforcing the law in a cold or worse, arbitrary manner. The best way to create an atmosphere of community policing is to intensify recruitment efforts from the community, and to ensure the police have a social as well as a technical understanding of the community they are overseeing. The responsibility they owe is not simply to their fellow officers, or even to individual victims, but to society as well, and to a community.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Criminal Justice Take Home Exam Assignment

Question 6: The police may conduct searches without warrants if made in good faith, if they fear a life may be in danger, if the accoutrements of a crime are in plain view, and other circumstances that merit that probable cause that a crime has been committed are evident. While some believe this circumvents the fourth amendment to the constitution, it is noteworthy that the burden of proof to conduct such searches is substantially smaller than to convict an individual in a criminal court of law. In the case of profiling a suspect, for instance, simply because an individual is stopped because he or she resembles a suspect or legitimately raises a policeman or woman's level of professional (not personal) suspicion, does not mean that individual will be convicted. The law has long trusted the professional eyes and standards of the police in the moment of policing -- if it did not, then no search would be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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