Criminal Justice Theory and Policy Discussion Chapter

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Criminal Justice Theory and Policy

Identification of Topic Discussed

The three websites major on a single topic, which is murder, related. Two of the websites focus their attention on people who murdered their spouses and the third one draws its attention on a case of a civilian who faces charges on mass murder. These murder cases are or the rise in the present day despite the fact that not many people are aware of such cases. A tremendous number of individuals face charges of having murdered their wives. People tend to think that they can get away with murder yet they face charges that get to the public. The media has been of great help in the process of fighting crime in the present day (Kraska & Brent, 2011). Publication of the murder cases that take place in the courts is apparently making the public aware of the crimes. This way, people are becoming mindful in terms of violence.

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The websites that alert the public on the various murder crimes have differing ways in which they present their information to the public. Some websites upload the videos of the court hearing of different murder cases to have the public get first hand information concerning hearing. Other websites create articles that people can read and review at their own free time. The websites that use articles are advantageous especially to the individuals who have gadgets that have an internet access yet cannot stream live videos. The main purpose of having such websites is to help reduce the cases of murder within states (Kraska & Brent, 2011). The media has generally been effective in the process of fighting crime at individual levels.

When people get informed on such cases then it helps in the process of fighting murder crime. There is fear of publicizing ones private life and the moment one is aware of the fact that he or she will go public for such acts as murder then he or she will decide to keep off. The modest in which the media presents there cases differs depending on the target audiences.

TOPIC: Discussion Chapter on Criminal Justice Theory and Policy Assignment

The best policy outcome for the first story is to have it on the internet in both written articles and live videos of the court hearing. This is helpful since it will get the attention of the public through a way the public will get details concerning the progress of the case. The first case is a mass murder and the society has to be aware of people under such charges to ensure that justice prevails (Hancock, 2004). Involving the public on such matters is important since it determines how effective the judgment upon the accused will be effective.

On the second website story, there is an article with prior focus on the situation plus videos on other cases the media targets to inform the public. The charges on Oscar Pistorius… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Criminal Justice Theory and Policy Discussion Chapter

Criminal Justice Theory and Policy Discussion Chapter

Criminal Justice Theory Discussion Chapter

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