Criminal Justice Victimization Essay

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Service providers must be mindful to serve all those in need, no matter how inconvenient (Handbook on Justice for Victims, 1999).

Those on the other side of this debate feel that victims should rely on upon private support and insurance payments in order to deal with their victimization. These are known as informal sources of assistance and include family, neighbors, friends and others. Employers sometimes offer assistance. Public and private insurance plans may be available to assist with medical and psychiatric needs, as well as property losses, and to provide counsel through legal procedures and should therefore be included if they meet the needs of victims, even if that is not their primary focus (Victims of Crime Overview, 2012).

The ideal plan is to have victim assistance programs to help victims with both formal and informal sources of aid. Each victim is different, not only in the crim of which they were a victim but also in the way in which they deal with their victimization. So each person's program should be tailored to their needs. If a victim needs the services of a government sponsored program then that option should be available to them. On the other hand if informal sources of aid work for a victim then there should sill be someone available to help these people navigate that process.

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People who are victims of crimes should not be hung out to dry when it comes to getting help for what happened to them. Being a victim is not something that a person asks for, and thus they should not be a victim twice, once from the criminal and again from the criminal justice system. These people need help and they should be given it so that they can recover from happened to them and can go on with their lives.


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