Criminal Justice Reaction Paper

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(Hazen, 2009)

Similarly, the Conflict in Criminal Justice emphasizes to make justice. It emphasizes over the social and economic forces which are present in a society. It is also known as System Conflict theory. This relates with the wages, promotion and success and invites the conflict with criminal justice system. A good example of conflict is prison and police officers; where police tries to put the criminal in jail while prison officials want to release prisoners due to lack or overcrowded facilities. (Skolnock, 2004)

The film CRASH is a combination of ethics, diversity and conflict in criminal justice. It is a story which have multiple characters each having a connection with criminal justice. A police detective who has a drug addict mother and a dishonest brother. There were two car thieves. Crash is about racial ribaldry which has stimulated intolerance. (Forbes, 2005)

Crash has targeted the American racial relations which is embedded with tension and sensation. The character of Graham who was a detective investigated a road accident and his partner Ria helped him. She started the racist dialogues with the Korean women.

In another scene two black men Anthony and Peter, have also used discriminated dialogues at Starbuck's color. So, the story went on different characters giving different perspectives to racial discrimination.

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Ethically the film is evolved around the racial discrimination which is quite unethical to refer in a movie, but it has highlighted the different facets of racism in a society.


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TOPIC: Reaction Paper on Criminal Justice Is About the Assignment

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