Criminal Law Due Process Research Paper

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It also depends on factors of law that pertains to the rights of the individuals. These factors are used by judges to determine what due processes are required for each case.

Due process protects citizens against abusive actions that can come from government officials in respects to legality of law. The abusive actions can deprivation of rights, such as not making the citizen aware of rights when trying to make an arrest for a crime. It can also be the official making claims without proper evidence to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. The fair procedure requirement of Due process also works to ensure innocent citizens are not required to answer for crimes they did not do.

The functions of due process in criminal law are important to ensure the legality and fairness of procedures when dealing with crimes committed by criminals. Due process ensures that criminals are not mistreated and just pay for what they do by serving consequences the judge renders in each case. The fairness in procedures help to ensure that government, whether federal or state, are within the confines of the U.S. Constitution when dealing with the punishment for crimes being committed. It also ensures that victims of crimes are treated fairly in the ensuring that justice is served.


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