Criminology Identify Key Indicators Essay

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This is coupled with reward factors that reinforce criminal behaviors and criminal identities like those of the "hustler," as Copes, Hochstetler & Williams (2008) found in their research.

The varied consequences associated with high levels of criminal propensity are both short- and long-term. Over time, the development of a criminal identity can become practically immutable, which is why it is important to monitor adolescent behavior and intervene when possible, as the adolescent mind grows and changes rapidly. Criminal behavior and propensity can change, too. Life course criminology reveals the key points of interest at different stages of development (Wright, Tibbetts & Daigle, 2008). Biological consequences are not as apparent, but when it is considered that certain brain structures and functions can become solidified after the adolescent stage of development, it does become apparent that there are some Biological consequences associated with early propensity toward criminal behavior. Likewise, the social variables associated with propensity for criminal behavior can include the construction of an identity that is difficult to alter, even with rehabilitative or restorative justice programs like those described by Copes & Vieraitis (2009). The most obvious consequences associated with high levels of criminal propensity are related to involvement in the criminal justice system. The involvement can lead to more fixed identities due to labeling theory, and difficulties re-integrating with a normative society.

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Essay on Criminology Identify Key Indicators of Assignment

Wright, J.P., Tibbetts, S.G. & Daigle, L.E. (2008). Life course criminology. Chapter 1 in Criminals in the Making: Criminality Across the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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