Crisis Intervention the Crisis Facing Danville Grant Proposal

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Crisis Intervention

The crisis facing Danville is, in fact, a cluster of crises. Thus, our intervention strategy needs to assess and prioritize the crises individuals are experiencing and then address the most immediate and most destabilizing crises first while offering direction toward dealing with secondary issues and problems in a timely fashion once the immediate crises has been resolved. This strategy will require a systematic, coordinated approach; collaboration between government agencies and external agencies and institutions; a trained and motivated staff; and a program evaluation component to ensure program success.

The Crisis Intervention Committee

The committee membership will include representation from a range of relevant stakeholder constituencies. The committee will determine the intervention program's overall scope, goals, objectives, and public relations. A small number of municipal administrative specialists will be reassigned to handle the committee's administrative needs (James & Gilliland, 2008).

The Crisis Intervention Task Force

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The task force will include top field managers in the various local, and regional social, health, police, education, family, human, and volunteer services agencies. The task force will help create and grow interagency partnerships; coordinate outreach collaborate with the region's colleges and universities to recruit motivated and educated staff at low labor cost and non-financial, academic incentives; coordinate staff training; assign staff to intervention teams; participate in staff and program evaluations; and create a staff burnout prevention program with the help of triage assessment and primary intervention team leaders. The task force will create goals and objectives for the triage assessment and primary intervention teams and will initiate outreach efforts to relevant community groups and social institutions such as neighborhood associations and churches (James & Gilliland, 2008; Roberts, 1995).

Triage Assessment Teams

TOPIC: Grant Proposal on Crisis Intervention the Crisis Facing Danville Is, Assignment

Triage assessment teams determine a client's crisis type and/or prioritize crises; intensity of crisis; and the client's emotional, psychological, physical condition, using triage assessment forms. They then direct or deliver the client to the appropriate primary intervention team or arrange the initial contact with the appropriate external partner agency when crisis intensity demands. Triage teams work in the fixed social services locations, staff telephone and online hotlines, and go out into the community. They manifest outreach partnerships with community organizations like churches and charity groups and with partner agencies such as health care agencies, the police department, and employment agencies (Roberts, 1995).

Primary Intervention Teams

Primary intervention teams focus on deeper assessment and more individualized intervention options in situations where the intensity of the immediate crisis is low. Here team members can counsel a client; help clients examine various options for resolving his immediate crisis, including appropriate referrals; create a plan of action with or for the client; and conduct follow-up meeting concerning the client's progress and the efficacy of the action plan. Intervention action plans will be time-limited and focused on the immediate crisis at hand (Roberts, 1995).

Client Services

Primary intervention teams will specialize in certain areas of critical need in Danville. The areas of critical need define service populations and form the organizing principle for intervention services.

Unemployed clients will be offered job and interview training, interview dress consultation and garments from thrift stores, continuing education and community college application assistance, and financial aid consultation and application assistance. Referral agencies in this need area include government unemployment assistance agencies, temporary employment agencies, community colleges, continuing education programs, and thrift stores.

Domestic violence victims will be offered victim assistance services such as temporary shelter and relocation assistance, victim advocacy counseling, and psychological counseling. Perpetrators of domestic violence will face jail time and/or anger management counseling, as well as substance abuse counseling as needed (James & Gilliland, 2008). Referrals may be made to pro bono legal services, women's issues organizations, law enforcement, and substance abuse control and prevention programs and services.

Clients who are being evicted will be offered conflict resolution help try and negotiate an agreement that satisfies the landlord and keeps the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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