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[. . .] The conception is considered as a biased one in view of the facts of increasing trend of incidents involving a couple of death as that of at Columbine. The statistics depicting about threefold increase in the suicide among youths since 1950 constituted the third prominent cause of death of the age group 10-19. The rate of suicide among high school students even though remained stable during the last decade, substantial increase of that among the middle school students of the age group of 10-14 depicting 100% increase during the period matters much to the educators. 12

Commitment of suicide by a couple of students at Dixie Hollins High School in Pinellas County, Florida, reports concerning threats of suicide increased substantially. The school authorities resorted to establishment of a suicide crisis intervention team in order to address the issue. Two Assistant Principals, two Counselors, the Resources Officer of the School having graduate degrees are also included into the team. Association of Dallas Public School with the Community Oriented Primary Care Division of Parkland Health and Hospital System and with the Adolescent Services Division of the Dallas Mental Health Mental Retardation Agency in 1955 resulted in the institutionalization of nine Youth and Family Centers associated with Schools. The Federal Title XI Funds were utilized for harmonization of the services and to meet the administrative expenses and payments for infrastructure costs while it was the community agencies that recruited the necessary staffs for the purpose. Such association enabled provision of extensive range of services to students and their families inclusive of medical care, mental health counseling, and contingent crisis management, follow ups in post schooling periods, adult motivation and the like. The centers also devote a couple of days in a week for psychiatric assessment of the victims. 13

During the year of inception itself the student users of the provision of service increased to 3400, taking advantages physical health visits to the tune of 3686 numbers, mental health visits of 2677 numbers and support services visits of 1485 numbers. The services of Guidance Departments, Student Assistance Counselors and the Child Study Team were utilized by Frelinghuysen and Morristown High School in extending the services of Counseling and crisis intervention. The responsibility of college and career counseling in the post schooling period was also entrusted to the Guidance Department of Morristown High School. At times of contingencies pertaining to severe mental ailments of the students or staff of the District, intervening counseling and guidance are provided by the external agencies. In case of unexpected occurrence of accidental violent death provision of assistance by the Counselors of Morristown Memorial Hospital and other agencies are extended. Provision of assistance on necessary follow ups are also made available to the victimized students and families succumbed to the critical incident.14

Differing orders of events with the victims takes place at the critical conditions depending upon the call of the situations and some times simultaneous occurrence of the several steps together is noticed. Most commonly, students are noticed to display the indications of tension like the adults in response to the psychological reactions to the loss suffered out of the disastrous event. Even though such tensions can not be totally evaded, however means exist for minimization of the magnitude of the influence of the crisis on the victimized students and teachers with providing assistance on adjusting to the changing circumstances. Varied indications occur with the advancement in the age and maturity of the child. Taking all these factors into consideration, emphasis should be made on the security and in pursuit of the wider objectives of the students.15

The teachers are expected to assume the responsibility of leadership at the time of crisis as well as during the post crisis situation. Most of the times of the students are spent with their involvement and their knowledge of overall activities of the students is much more than any one else in the campus. Teachers are therefore resting in a crucial juncture in provision of instant as well as follow up intervention. The teachers especially at times when they themselves are victims of the emotional outbreaks in response the traumatic incident are put in jeopardy of controlling themselves to remain unexposed before the students. The teachers are also considered vulnerable to the crisis and therefore equally subject to the services of assistance, support and intervention. In absence of such services support the teachers are considered to be incapacitated in catering to the needs of their students. 16

Particularly the classroom teachers are more prone to such inadequacies without training of crisis response at a moment of attending to the demands of the victimized students. Two significant responsibilities of teachers are viewed after the occurrence of the crisis. Chalking out of strategies for efficient tackling of the disastrous situation inside the classroom and second to fully realize and adjust to the reactions of the students. The capabilities to discharge the first responsibility can be attained from assistances of other constructive personnel of course implementing them after restructuring in order to suit their own class room conditions. Adjusting with the student reactions necessitates consultations with parents, school psychologists, school counselors, or external mental health personnel. The responsibility of dealing with the reactions of the students in school hours rests with the concerned teachers. 17

It is of utmost importance to choose the suitable remedies to be exercised soon after occurrence of a crisis and to chalk out the plan of action in the following days and weeks for its management. It is possible for the victimized students to recoup from the critical juncture and back to their normalcy with the assistance of the school personnel and family members in due course. They are made to attend to requirements of the circumstances especially, the campus atmosphere. Sometime, the past record of students in response to their own psychological setup and their lack of capability to react to the induced support and the intensity of the traumatic event act together as impediments in effective management of the crisis. Such students necessitate more specific individualized intervention.18

Prolonged continuance of the indications and resulting in intense situations efforts are to be made for seeking advice from the mental health personnel and to discuss about the matter with the parents. Assistance of the community and school healthcare professionals may also be necessitated. Existence of a problem is realized from the symptoms one exhibit and the magnitude of the influence of the crisis on ones circumstance and ones own activity is determined. The program for management of the crisis is considered as a model of delivering direct services. Assistance from the services teams of the school in the post crisis periods essentially flows to the students, to the Schools, to the staff members, to the parents and community members. Engagement of crisis resource teams is considered at situations of considerably higher magnitude of the influence of the crisis. 19

The resource teams engaged in extending direct service, guidance, and sustenance to the school community generally consists of about seven supporting members under a trained leadership. Trainings have been imparted to the psychologists, counselors, social activists, mental health personnel and therapist so as to enable them providing service to the victims of disastrous situations. It is the responsibility of the pre-constituted crisis team of the school to discharge immediately the duty of the crisis management at the occurrence of disastrous events. It should be quickly available for task when the situation warrants. Readiness to face the vulnerabilities and every odd during a crisis is the crucial factor in its management. Constitution of the crisis team well prepared to counter any type of critical situation is therefore crucial from the point-of-view of immediate and positive response to the crisis management. 20

The members of the crisis team devotes in providing assistance to students by directly interfering in the crisis mitigation, probing into the available choices for adjustments, taking advices in this regard from others. The objective of the team is to detect, evaluate and interfere with the methodology for managing crisis so as to restore the mental status of the students to the normalcy at the shorted possible time period along with avoidance of the possibilities for its future adverse influence. New methodology and new expertise in the process are noticed to have attained and explored to manage with the crisis necessitating alterations in the established strategy. Quick detection of the victims by the therapists along with the magnitude of its impact on normal activity is most essential. Only after detection of the disastrous condition and the victimized person to it the team is able to evaluate the magnitude of the influence of the crisis on the students. 21

The interview is the common methodology for the purpose during which the worker endeavors to assure an environment of reception, sustenance and confidence in the future. Interactions with the victimized student are considered as crucial. This often allows establishment of eye… [END OF PREVIEW]

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