Crisis Management and Public Relations Case Study

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The fans were also watching the singer's performance, and they expressed great shock. This was evident on social media. Irish singer Sinead wrote published letter to Miley Cyrus on the same. In the letter, Sinead expressed concern for Miley, suggesting that the young singer had allowed herself to be nude in public. The letter states that, although Miley perceives her actions as cool, she will experience harm in the end because she has allowed "people" to take advantage of her. The letter urges the singer to be in control, and avoid the manipulation, to act or perform naked. Although Miley performed provocatively, the real beneficiaries are the people behind the scenes. In addition, her performance continues to tie women as toys for men to use to please or fulfill their egos (Moodie, 2013).

Strategies to Restore Reputation

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Similar to the case of Louis Vuitton, when people bring about or induce crisis, they tend to offer justifications for such. Therefore, Miley Cyrus is no exception. Her response in relation to the trending news of her provocative sexually explicit performance, she stated that she was aiming at making history (Lombardi, 2013). However, critics oppose her justification stating that she made a fool of herself, and she wears a "don't care attitude." Apparently, the singer feels that she achieved her aim because the news became the topic of discussion even after three days. In addition, she states that the desire to perform in such a manner was because she wanted people to remember her forever. The singer also states that she does not pay attention to negative feedback or information because she was not the first or the last to perform in such a manner. Miley Cyrus said that every VMA performance has witnessed such performances and gave examples of Madonna, and Britney (Michaels, 2013).


Case Study on Crisis Management and Public Relations Assignment

Musicians also create a crisis in a variety of ways. For instance, some may engage in drug abuse, or dress inappropriately in public, whereas others may take part in criminal activities. There are many cases where musicians have caused crises, and the case of Miley Cyrus is an example to use as references. The young singer was a former actor, and her fan base constitutes children and teenagers, owing to her age. It is not clear whether her promoters influenced the unexpected turn of events, whereby she was good and now bad, but the open letter from Sinead makes it clear that promoters pressure musicians to perform in such a manner. Amazingly, the musician does not gain in monetary terms, as compared to the promoters who pocket the larger percentage of the money.

On the other hand, Miley Cyrus tries to justify her explicit performance by suggesting that she wanted to make history. Her case caused a global uproar, and critiques felt that she was under wrong company. Parents, fans and psychologists expressed their concern and offered mixed reactions on the same. Although the young singer perceives herself as famous, and indulged in provocative performance to gain fame, the repercussions of the same will come later. In defenses, she cited Maddona and Britney spears saying that the two have engaged in such performances, especially in the VMA and MTV Video Awards.

PETA (Charity Organization)

PETA's main objective is to advocate for "total animal liberation." The society has over two million members and aims at stressing the significance of animal rights via protests, stunts and literature. However, it is ironical that the same organization kills the animals. Records from the state's agriculture department show that the organization has killed thousands of animals in its headquarters. According to Whittaker (2014), the organization killed 1792 stray cats and dogs. In average, the organization kills five animals in a single day, and this shows the statistics of the year 2013. Although the charity organization receives funds, the society has failed to provide homes for the stray animals. This explains why the organization opts to kill the animals instead.

The state records showing thousands of killings PETA. The charity organization has defended itself claiming that it was not possible to offer the animals for adoption, suggesting they were not appropriate.

America is a country constituting animal lovers and statistics show that American homes have over 90 million cats and 75 million dogs. The people love the animals, celebrate their birthdays, and greet the pets on arrival in their homes. Apparently, the same people spend over 50 billion dollars and donate substantial amounts to charities, such as PETA that promise to take care of the animals. The PETA organization is not new to public crises, and it seems it is the order of the day. The company has induced other controversial issues, for instance, PETA's controversial campaign on "veggie love," which super bowl banned. On the other hand, there was a campaign aimed at mobilizing kids to question fathers who fished. This, PETA suggested was a violation of animal rights. This was ironical because the company was involved in animal killing crises, but was trying to target such fathers, whereas theirs was an economic activity (Gauba, 2012).

Stakeholder's Response

Owing to the hypocrisy expressed by PETA, several animal right groups have protested the actions of killing animals. In the year 2005, the authorities arrested PETA employees after they killed adoptable animals, and disposed the carcasses in a supermarket trash. Cushing (2013) criticizes the charity organization because it has continuously picked fights with video games. In so doing, the organization tries to hide the assassination and plundering they engage with the animals. However, the charity organization disregards its actions of killing stray animals, and goes on to comment concerning the shooting of whales. The organization, through their co-founder continues to defend the organization's actions through ignoring the criticisms.

PETA employees arrest in connection with the killings of animals.

Strategies to Restore Reputation

In response, PETA defends its actions by saying that euthanasia is the only viable option for the animals. Concerning the thousands of killed animals, PETA says that the killed animals were either sick or not appropriate for adoption. The cruelty investigations department has come out to defend the use of euthanasia in some instances stating "turning animals away or going to great lengths to convince people to keep animals they do not want… those things put animals in bad situations (Whittaker, 2013)."

Pictures showing the animas killed by PETA the charity organization.

PETA has also initiated some campaigns that have aimed at justifying their actions. For instance, the campaign entitled "your daddy kills animals," targeted the fathers who fished (Gauba, 2012). The campaign also targeted young kids, in an effort to mobilize kids to query their fishermen-fathers concerning their actions of "killing fish." In addition, someone used bomb flour (Star, 2012) on Kim Kardashian shouting "fur hag!" There is a consistent belief that PETA activists undertook this action. Artists such as Kanye West, Kelis, Jennifer Lawrence and many others wear clothes made of animal fur, which made PETA very angry (O'Rourke, 2013).


Self-induced crisis can result to the downfall of the involved parties. Therefore, when organizations create such situations, they apply strategies targeting at covering up, or justifying the crisis. This comes as a way to restore trust and maintain business. Even though the organization attempts to handle the crisis, the crisis will have influenced consumers, and others may opt out from doing business with the company (Borodzicz, 2005). Louis Vuitton and PETA offer good examples on the same. Actually, PETA, unlike Louis Vuitton, is a charity-based organization meaning that the crisis it creates will create potential decline of the charity. This is because donors will withdraw their support.

PETA, a charity organization, which aims at emphasizing animal rights, is a complete paradox when compared to its actions. The company has engaged in massive killings of the animals it ought to have protected. The company has induced some other crises such as the "veggie love." In defense, the company has disregarded criticisms and has suggested otherwise. PETA suggest that animals killed include those deemed inappropriate for adoption. However, credible sources have stated that the company receives substantial funds, which it could use to build homes for the stray animals instead of killing them.


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