Crohn's Disease Thesis

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Crohn's Disease: Promising New Findings About Its Molecular Basis

Like it or not, the human digestive system requires bacteria to operate. But if these friendly bacteria penetrate the wall of the intestine the bacteria can become harmful rather than helpful. "This is why a thin, continuous layer of interconnected cells, called an epithelium, lines the intestinal surface creating a barrier that prevents bacteria from crossing that border"("Researchers Identify Molecular Basis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease," 2007, European Molecular Biology). Until recently, the mechanisms that control the epithelium were unknown. Now scientists have discovered what they call "NF-kB," a signaling molecule that helps cells cope with stress by reducing inflammation in the intestinal epithelium "("Researchers Identify Molecular Basis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease," 2007, European Molecular Biology). Scientists created a mouse that does not express NEMO, a protein needed to activate NF-kB, in intestinal epithelial cells. "As a result, these mice developed severe chronic intestinal inflammation very similar to the human disease known as Crohn's" ("Researchers Identify Molecular Basis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease," 2007, European Molecular Biology).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Crohn's Disease Assignment

Crohn's disease impairs the lives of more than four million people worldwide ("Researchers Identify Molecular Basis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease," 2007, European Molecular Biology). It is a chronic inflammatory disorder that can produce abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss. Traditional treatment therapies for Crohn's disease involve antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and surgery (Feller 2001:1). Crohn's appears to run in families. Previous research indicated that it was caused by a combination of genetic and environmental causes, the degree to which appeared uncertain. For example, two Swedish studies suggested that the risk of contracting Crohn's disease might be increased in individuals whose mothers had contracted measles during pregnancy, but subsequent research discounted the data collection involved in the studies, and found no correlation or causation in the proposed connection (Metcalf 1998:1).

The most promising research prior to the study of NB-kB research suggested that the standard treatment of first giving Crohn's patients traditional corticosteroids and then turning to newer types of anti-inflammatory drugs should be reversed. Researchers randomly assigned 65 Crohn's patients to get a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs and then steroids while a group of 64 other Crohn's patients received the conventional treatment of steroids first, followed later by the same two anti-inflammatory drugs used in the other trial. After 6 months, 60% of those who initially received infliximab and azathioprine, the anti-inflammatory drugs, were entirely free of Crohn's disease symptoms, while only 36% of those getting steroids were asymptomatic, a heartening result given the severe side effects of steroids in comparison to these other drugs (such… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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