Crohn's Disease Research Proposal

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Rhythmical Massage & Crohn's Dx

Rhythmical Massage for Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease wreaks a cruel havoc on its victims. An intestinal disorder, it most commonly strikes young people between the ages of 14 and 24. Inflammation in the alimentary canal periodically flares up and can lead to bleeding ulcers and scarring. The scarring and inflammation sometimes requires drastic surgery to remove the damaged portion of the bowel. Colostomy may be necessary, although sometimes this may be reversed after six months or so of healing. Oria Liddy describes her own experience with the disease in her article, "Case Study: Rhythmical Massage Therapy for Crohn's Disease" (2007).

Crohn's Disease is frequently treated with steroids, which seem to aid healing but have bad side effects. Steroids cannot be taken over a long period of time because of drastic weight gain, fluid retention, and lowered resistance to infections. Rhythmical Massage offers a technique that relieves symptoms, promotes natural healing, and does not require steroids or drugs.

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The author uses her own experience with Crohn's Disease in writing the article. She was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 15 and until she was 21, she was treated medically with steroids. The disease sometimes worsens with anxiety or stress, and the author tells how graduate exams and their attendant pressure and stress to pass successfully put her into an acute episode of Crohn's and brought her to a state of near collapse. She couldn't keep any food down and had stomach cramps so severe she was incapacitated. Acid reflux and acid-induced chest pain were also troubling and increased the suffering. Liddy was too sick to sleep and totally exhausted, and since, as she points out, healing generally takes place during sleep, this promised a long episode of illness. Her body's temperature mechanism was also compromised with great heat in the abdominal area due to inflammation in the bowels but coldness in the extremities and chilblains.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Crohn's Disease Assignment

Because of the temperature distribution problem, a warm treatment bath was administered prior to rhythmical massage with soothing aroma-free oils and low light to relax and soothe her. Following this, rhythmical massage was begun on spine and extremities. Once body heat was better distributed, the massage was extended to other parts of the body and eventually to the abdominal area (taking care not to massage directly over the juncture of ileum and colon, a place that was extremely sensitive and painful). The author describes immediate and significant improvement in her condition, particularly in pain management, relaxation, and improved sleep.

Rhythmical Massage appears to be very effective in preventing the acute phase of an episode of Crohn's Disease. The treatment was developed in Switzerland… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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