Cross Cultural Age of Globalization Essay

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It however does not provide sufficient feedback or closed loop reporting for any organization to chart their course through the nuances of a culture. The continual learning processes that are by nature repetitive must be completed if an organization is going to learn to adapt to a given culture. Abiding by a series of practices alone, even if they are foundational to a political culture, may provide a basis for a given organization or entity to establish relationships in a given country or region. Yet it is in the internalization of the nuances of a given culture that any organization truly assimilates itself, and in so doing understands the correct measures or metrics of progress. The foundational elements of national political culture is just one of several frameworks managers need to use in order to plan their launch strategy into a new region or nation.

Additional factors that need to be considered include how countries and the many ethnic communities they include vary in terms of how they perceive resources, religious and political roles, and how each community evaluates reciprocity as well. The foundational elements of influence are built more on how a given organization continually evaluates their performance against these factors, beyond being in conformity to just citizenship processes alone.


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Essay on Cross Cultural Age of Globalization Assignment

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