Cross Cultural Communication in Bennett's Interview Research Proposal

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Research Proposal on Cross Cultural Communication in Bennett's Interview With Assignment

In Bennett's interview with O'Bryan, the latter explained that cross cultural communication between two groups of designers was difficult, not only because the two groups spoke different languages, but also because the designers were located in two different spatial locations, and had to communicate through interactive media. O'Bryan describes how two groups of designers -- one from the U.S. And one from Cuba -- were able to work together collaboratively on a project regarding their dreams, the importance of their dreams, and what influenced their dreams. The intercultural aspect posed some problems, like the ones above, while also providing for some achievements, such as a product that reflected the unique cultural contributions of both groups. Viewed in light of Baldwin and Robert's chapter regarding shared meaning and the efficiency of communication, one can understand how the cross-cultural designers faced some problems. Because Baldwin and Robert discuss one theory, Semiotics, which suggests that a thing has no inherent meaning, that meaning must be given to a thing, it is easy to understand that the Cubans and the Americans did not share meaning. What induced certain… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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