Cross-Cultural Communications for Managers Term Paper

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¶ … Cross-Cultural Communications for Managers

It is essential for business managers to be aware of the importance behind cross-cultural communication. The consequences of not being aware can be costly for American corporations. Munter (1993, p. 10) states that the cost of failed overseas assignments for American corporations exceeds $2 billion dollars per year. Due to such high costs it is necessary for American businesses to consider training their managers in cross-cultural communication.

In order to be effective cross-cultural communicators, American managers must perform the following seven activities: they must set communication objectives, choose a communication style, improve their credibility, select and motivate their audiences, decide upon an appropriate message strategy, overcome language difficulties, and become familiar with the proper nonverbal behaviors. As far as setting communication objectives, managers must become aware of how different cultures view time frames and the achievement of objectives. This means that some cultures may view future events and destinies as being under one's control while others may believe that these things are predetermined and thus uncontrollable.

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As far as choosing a communication style, managers have to choose based on discovering whether the society they are in is democratic or not. This is important to know because certain styles are better suited for democratic societies while other styles are more appropriate for autocratic societies. Another way of choosing is for managers to discover whether a culture values individualism or collectivism because individualistic cultures require styles different from those required by collectivist cultures.

Term Paper on Cross-Cultural Communications for Managers it Is Essential Assignment

As far as improving one's credibility, this means managers have to know how their hierarchical power, personal goodwill, expertise, image, and values will affect their audience. Different cultures emphasize on different facets of credibility over others; for example one's hierarchical power may be important to one culture while one's level of expertise may be more important to another. In terms of selecting and motivating one's audience, certain factors are involved.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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