Crucible: Questions Thesis

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¶ … Crucible: Questions

According to the introduction, how did the state of Massachusetts attempt to apologize to the victims of the Salem witch hunts, how was one of those apologies somewhat ironic, and why, according to Bigsby, did the state take so long to atone for the situation in Salem, 1692?

"Perversely" as reparations were paid to the living relatives of the victims, individuals such as William Good received money, even though he was his wife's own accuser, as did a confessed witch Abigail Hobbs, who became a witness for the state and condemned others to death (Bigsby viii). Hobbes blamed "Evil Sprits" for her mendacity and compliance with the murderous social order when she apologized for her compliance (Bigsby viii). Bigsby suggests that it took so long for the state to admit error and atone for the crimes of Salem because judicial systems and states are so all-encompassing in their belief in their authority and bureaucratic perfection (almost like a state of spiritual perfection) that admitting error often seems inconceivable. Admit error once, and authority is threatened for all time (Bigsby viii).

Q2: How specifically, is the Crucible allegorical?

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The Crucible is an allegory for the political hysteria of McCarthyism in America. Miller was not concerned with historical verisimilitude -- the accusers during the real witch hunt in Salem were children, far too young to have had affairs with any of the individuals whom they were indicting. Miller wished to show the corruption behind all political hysteria -- the girls have personal reasons for making their allegations (Abigail hates John Proctor's wife because Elizabeth is her rival, she hates Mary for defecting from the band of accusers, and then Abigail turns her anger against John). The elders are either deluded or have their own personal reasons for disliking the accused. Also, they gain political power and prestige because of their authority as judges of witchcraft, like the Senators who gained political clout as anti-communists during the McCarthy hearings.

Thesis on Crucible: Questions According to the Introduction, How Assignment

The people of the town of Salem are fearful of being accused in the play, and also superstitious about the possibility of witchcraft. Americans were fearful about a communist ideology they did not understand, and fearful of being accused of being 'red.'… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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