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Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing and crystal therapy has a long history and has been used in various periods and cultures for healing and meditation.

In essence crystal healing is a "... non-invasive therapy which can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies and with orthodox medicine." (Inside track: Crystal healing - Clear way to relax.) Crystal therapy encompasses the view that self-healing can be achieved through methods that allow the body to heal itself - as opposed to more invasive allopathic medical techniques and methods. It is also closely aligned with the view evident in other forms of alternative therapy that healing should adopt a holistic approach and that the conventional division between the body and mind and between the body and spiritual aspects in allopathic medicine is invalid.

Crystal healing is one form of the recent resurgence of alternative medicine and healing techniques in the Western world. However, crystal therapy has a long history and many indigenous peoples in the world, such as the Australian Aborigines, have used crystals as a healing method and for their spiritual practices since time immemorial. (Vantol L. And Tarling R.) the origins of crystal healing and the fact that they have been used with apparent effectives for centuries, attest to the positive aspects of this form of therapy and healing. In many developed Western counties crystal healing has become a symbol of health management though alternative medicine and techniques.

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This paper will attempt to present an overview of the meaning, history and development of this form of therapy; as well as ascertain the degree of acceptance of this technique in the modern West and the future outcomes of this therapy.

Overview of Crystals therapy

Term Paper on Crystal Therapy Assignment

Crystal therapy is also known as crystal healing or gem therapy. The cardinal aspect of this form of therapy is that it uses crystals that are "...selected for specific characteristics or wavelength, to treat a wide range of mental and physical conditions." (Crystal Therapy, Electrocrystal Therapy) in theory the process of crystal therapy is intended to cure any imbalances between the physical, emotional and spiritual components of the human being. It is based on the view that the body has specific energy fields which can be positively influenced and even manipulated by the appropriate placement of crystals on various body parts. In brief, crystal healers believe that the body has a vibrational energy system which can be changed and "corrected" by the use of crystals. This involves a complex analysis of various crystals and their colors, chemical composition and atomic structure. Crystal therapy is also is intended to have a positive influence on the immune system and therefore help to fight disease.

Crystal healing is closely connected in a theoretical as well as a practical sense with the concept of "chakras" in the human body. Chakra is a term derived from the Sanskrit, and is described as, "...a series of circular vortices on the life force of a person, at which points energies are received, transformed and distributed." (Dictionary of the Occult 52) Furthermore, Chakras are believed to"... plays an important role in physical, mental and emotional health and in spiritual development.

Dictionary of the Occult 52)

Figure 1. The Chakras

Source: (

Crystal therapy relates to the chakras in that "... crystals of appropriate color and energy may be placed at specific chakra points on the body with the aim to energize and cleanse. "(Crystal Therapy, Electrocrystal Therapy) in other words, the crystal and the particular properties of the different types of crystal are intended to interact with the various chakra points and manipulate, redirect and revitalize body and mind energy.

In modern parlance crystal theory is related to Electrocrystal therapy, which is concerned with the balancing and the rebalancing and harmonizing of human energy. Electrocrystal therapy was developed by the British inventor Harry Oldfield in the 1980s. This technique involves the use of an electromagnetic generator attached to conducting tubes filled with specific types of crystals. These tubes are applied to the body, and energy is transmitted through them. It is proposed that various types of crystals in these tubes have different effects on the body. An electronic device may also be used that is said to be able to detect areas of energy imbalance of the body. These areas may then be treated with electrocrystal therapy.

Crystal Therapy, Electrocrystal Therapy)

However, as critics note of Electrocrystal therapy; "The safety and effectiveness of these techniques have not been thoroughly tested scientifically." (Crystal Therapy, Electrocrystal Therapy)

In more scientific terms it is known that crystal structures can "...collect, focus, and emit electromagnetic energy. " (Gemstone / Chakra therapy) While science realizes that crystals have specific properties," Yet science is not even close to understanding how truly powerful crystals are in the more important task of focusing life energy." (Gemstone / Chakra therapy)

Central to the concept and praxis of this form of therapy is the focus on a holistic approach to healing and various elements of holistic medicine and holistic therapies. This means that this therapy views the individual as a whole entity and does not just focus on the specific physical symptoms of an illness, as is usually the case in more conventional allopathic methods of treatment.

In many cases crystal healing is used as a complementary method rather than an alternative to conventional medicine. It is felt by many practitioners that the restoration of energy balance in the body as a result of crystal theory can be positively combined with other forms of medicine and healing. Crystal therapy is also considered to have a positive impact on the overall health of the patient in that it is known to relieve "...stress and tensions, through revitalisation, relaxation or establishing a greater amount of peace and harmony. Crystal Healing is also helpful in complementing most forms of allopathic medical practice." (Crystal Therapy.The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.)

In terms of its status as a complementary rather than an alternative form of therapy it can be used in the following circumstances.

Both acute and chronic conditions

Stress related conditions

States of anxiety

Pre-operative care

Post-operative healing

Care of the terminally ill

Activate and support the natural self-healing processes within the individual client support the recovery of existing symptoms.

Crystal Therapy. The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.)

Practitioners of crystal healing are, in terms of the tenets of formal medical usage, not permitted or trained to directly diagnose physical ailments. (Crystal Therapy.The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.) However they are sometime used to determine the conditions of the patient's "bio-magnetic field" and in helping to harmonize and balance the appropriate human energy fields and chakras. As will referred to in the section on statistics, there is at present no general acceptance or formal acceptance of this method of therapy in the larger medical community. This situation, some suggest, is due rather to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the efficacy of this type of therapy.

It is also important to understand the relationship between crystal healing and the study of the human "auras." This refers to a description of the human energy fields, which are seen as a deciding factor in understanding and dealing with illness. These energy fields or "auras" have gradually begun to receive acceptance in the modern scientific world. "It is only fairly recently that science has proven that it must exist around every physical body and organism, thereby helping, amongst other, to validate crystal healing. " (Crystal Therapy.The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.)

Crystal therapy can only be correctly understood if there is acceptance of its wider meaning and context and in terms of the fundamental tenets of "New Age" alternative medicine and healing. The fundamentals of the alternative therapy movement are based on metaphysical and spiritual assumptions and beliefs - all of which strongly influence the practice of crystal healing.

One of these beliefs is the view that "...pure white light continuously emanates throughout the universe, infusing a vital force into each of the many dimensions or planes of existence-mineral, vegetable, animal, human or mental, and astral." (Fuller 242) This light is a vital force that infiltrate and influences the health and being of all living things. It enters into and is incorporated in the various energy points or chakras in the body. This relates is turn to the natural health and vitality of the body and the total human being. Therefore, in terms of New Age philosophy: "When white light flows harmoniously [from the astral body] into the interior centers (the chakras), our condition becomes healthy and more harmonious. When there is some obstruction in the chakra, blocks are formed, and these blocks prevent energy from flowing freely, and the body is unable to heal itself." (Fuller 242)

Therefore an understanding of this metaphysical system is necessary to see how crystal therapy relates to health issues. In this sense, the light that enters the world is directed to the chakras which "...receives one of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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