Term Paper: Culinary Trends

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[. . .] Such advanced cooking systems will also decrease the amount of time that customers spend in each session. This may lead to the ability of the company to have more sessions throughout the day. This in turn will make the company more profitable.

In addition, Customers may start to demand food that is completely organic and may be resistant to foods that are genetically modified in any way. The trend toward food that is grown organically actually began a few years ago..

However, in recent years there has been a substantial increase in the amount of organic food available to consumers. In addition, the price of such items has decreased a great deal and consumers that may not have been able to afford these products years ago can do so today.

The internship may adjust to this by ensuring that the freshest organic products are made available to customers. The organic supply must also come from reliable sources. It will be necessary to ensure that the Secret Chef can meet the demands of customers as it pertains to such products. It is also important that the Secret Chef be reasonable in the manner in which these items are priced. The company has to be sure not to overprice the items, so that the price per meal can remain relatively low.

The article also points out that the availability of culinary items on the internet will continue to be a trend well into the future. At the current time there are many different types of culinary items available over the internet. This includes everything from programs like secret chef to other culinary trends that allow customers to place orders over the internet and food is delivered directly to their homes.

The internet will definitely continue to be a trend that impacts the culinary world for years to come. The internet provides consumers with many different options as it pertains to their culinary experiences. In addition it provides consumers with the conveniences that they often need and seek. Products can be delivered directly to the home and the quality of the products received is often quite impressive.

The Secret Chef already has a website that makes some aspects of the program more convenient for customers. For instance, customers can plan menus and setup pickup services over the internet.

In the future in might be advantageous of the company to establish a broader range of services that are available online. For instance, the company may want to consider the addition of a delivery service. Such a service would make the company more competitive with other culinary businesses that operate of the internet and/or have delivery service. Such services are important for certain segments of the population such as the elderly or those suffering from physical illnesses. This is a way in which the company can use the internet to further the growth of the company.


The purpose of this discussion was to describe current trends in the culinary field and the ways in which those trends may effect the current internship of the writer. The research found that current trends in the culinary field include advanced food systems, demand for organic foods and the use of the internet to distribute food. It has been concluded that the secret chef can use all of these trends to benefit the company. Advanced food systems can reduce the amount of prep time, eventually leading to greater profitability. It was also suggested that the company work to meet the greater demand for organic foods that is sure to increase in the years to come as organic supplies increase and prices decrease. Finally, the Secret Chef can better utilize the internet to provide consumers with more convenient options.

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