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Cultivation Analysis

What is the "Mean World Index," and how is it related to cultivation analysis

The mean world index is the product of the cultivation analysis. Cultivation analysis as a theory assess the effects that watching of television has on an individual, world view. The theory examines violence and people perception towards it in relation to the rate with which they watch the television. The mean world index is a comparative analysis of the beliefs of the heavy television viewers and the light television viewers (Morgan, 2012).

The Ice Age Analogue of the theory says that television has a small impact on the viewers. However, over time this impact is significant. The mean world index bases on the statements, most people look for themselves, individuals have to be careful when dealing with people, and most people will take advantage of you (Morgan, 2012). These statements exemplify themselves in the case of Jansen. She has been eager to participate in the voting process, since the age of twelve years.

Now, she is eighteen and has gone to vote for the governor of her state. She confronts a dilemma of whom to vote for between the two candidates. Jansen is a heavy television viewer; she is conversant with the world, as project by television. As the cultivation analysis interacts with the mean world index they suggest that heavy television watching mainstreams the ideas of individuals. Jansen due to heavy watching of television believes the world is a mean place. She has a dilemma in choosing between the candidate who promises to increase security and the one who advocates for education of the people (Morgan, 2012).

The first order of learning in cultivation analysis shows that heavy viewers learn facts from the media; Jansen knows that insecurity is not an issue of concern for the county, but she is unable to make a choice on who to vote for. This is a case of enculturation of a person by the media. Television feeds the viewers with a heavy dose of violence making them believe the world is a dangerous place. According to cultivation analysis heavy television viewers… [END OF PREVIEW]

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