Cultural Diversity What Is Culture Term Paper

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Cultural Diversity

What is culture and Cultural Diversity?

According to one definition of culture and cultural diversity, cultural diversity means that all individuals have the right to live as they choose, so long as they do not impinge upon other people's rights. All people have an equal right to realize their life goals. The principle of cultural diversity guarantees respect for human rights, regardless of where individuals practicing their religious and cultural values may dwell on the globe. However, cultural diversity cannot be used as an argument to violate or limit the scope of the fundamental rights guaranteed by international law to national borders. In other words, to create a secular society and guarantee freedom of religion to all human beings on a universal scale, the United States cannot invade a nation like Iran. Iran is governed by a theocratic system of government that denies freedom of religion to its citizens, and does not uphold the United State's principles of toleration of all faiths and cultures ("The challenge of cultural diversity," 2007, Barcelona Forum 2004)

What are Rafael Rodriguez-Ponga's four main challenges for cultural diversity?

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According to Rodriguez-Ponga the four main challenges posed by the principle of cultural diversity are as follows: the contradictions posed by the concept of cultural identity, the false claim of the universality of languages, competing rights and definitions of human equality, and the concept of the need to 'advance' culture to foster economic and political development. Rodriguez-Ponga notes that cultural identities are open, as is the case of European identity. "It is perfectly compatible to have various cultural identities," he states ("The challenge of cultural diversity," Barcelona Forum 2004). For instance, a person can define his or her identity as European, Judeo-Christian, and French-speaking Swiss.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Cultural Diversity What Is Culture and Cultural Assignment

Many times, pluralistic definitions of personal identity come into conflict. For example, in the current struggle to create a stable political situation in Iraq, individuals whose nationality and cultural identity is Iraqi conflict with their identity status as belonging a minority faction of Islam (Shiite) and seeing themselves as Kurdish, a member of a unique ethnic group within Iraq. Even Canada, which has embraced the pluralist or mosaic ideal… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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